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The secret name of God... does not exist.

The God of the Bible told his name to the JEWS. That name is not "God". Some people do use the word "God" as a name, because they don't know the NAME of God. Some people know the NAME of God, yet also use GOD as his name. Well that is like saying "hey HUMAN come help me move this sofa"

Hey human, let's go to temple.

Hey human, let's go to a movie.

God would like to be very personal with you. God likes to be called by his name. Just like you do.

So it is not wrong to say one of God's name is God. But it would be wrong to say THE name of God is God. God has a name. His name is not God. One of God's name is God. But THE NAME of God is what this article will reveal.

God the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit have the same name.

God the Father is also a title. "Abba El" in Hebrew. Elohim Elohim is the plural of "El".
It is also the same word used at times for UNIT of HUMAN GODLY LEADERS, and also for UNIT OF JUDGES. Elohim can refer to A UNIT OF HUMANS WHO ACT ON GOD'S BEHALF.
Do not take the LORD'S name in vain. That is not what the Hebrew says. Churches can't even translate the Ten Commandments correctly. wow.

The Hebrew of Exodus 20:7 says "Do not swear in vain by the NAME.

The commandment was actually referring to the practice of people promising an oath, with the NAME of God as witness, then not fulfilling the oath.

The problem is not the oath with the NAME of God as witness, but not fulfilling the oath is the problem!

In Jewish tradition, the 3rd commandment refers to swearing of oaths using the NAME of God, but in vain. In other words, Jews did swear in the NAME on a regular basis. That was legally binding, thus putting the threat of punishment of the Sandhedrin on the Jew. Hence the oath would be accomplished under the threat of punishment for using God's name if the promise is not kept. Swearing by the NAME of GOD made the oath legally binding.

People today don't understand today when a Sanhedrin court existed, they whipped people for calling another person an idiot, for insulting another person. The Sanhedrin court of Jews, was authorized to punish with whips and fines, those that broke legal oaths. The Sanhedrin did not only hear capital cases, they heard all issues and meted out punishments.

When you are mad and you say JESUS H CHRIST, that is not prohibited in the Bible per se.

God does not have to tell people to not curse. God does not have to tell people to not make curse words out of his name. God does not have to tell people that saying "God" when one is angry, is disrespectful. It is common sense.

The 3rd commandment is NOT about cursing, or cussing, or bad language.

God told Moses his NAME in Exodus chapt 3 verses 14,15

God is "the Great I AM". Pronounced YAH in Hebrew and in English.

God is the "I AM what I will be". Pronounced "EH-YAH asher EH-YAH".

God is what what he will be... FOR YOU.

I AM (what you need). Another version is YHWH, the so called Tetragrammaton.

If we need a saviour or deliverer, then we should call on "I AM Deliverance". Yahu-shua. (Joshua, Yahoshua, Yahshua, Jesus)

If we need a provider, then we call on Yahve yireh (Jehovah Jireh)

THERE IS no letter "J" in HEBREW!!!!

There is no sound "j" in Hebrew!!

But since I am nice, I will continue to use the bastardized form of God's name in this article, because you are important to me.

If you need a healer for your sickness, then call on Yahwe - Roffa (Jehovah Roffa)

If you need something, in accordance with God's law of Moses, you just say YAHU and then YOU NEED........ and that is what you ask for.

His subjects should ONLY mention his name, when the power of God is needed or when praising Yah.

the Jew.

the word Jew means, one who praises YAH.

The original Hebrew word Jew is Yahudaim. Yahudaim is means "those who praise Yah" In German, the word is JUDE.

Once upon a time, only those of the tribe of Yahudah, Judah were known as Praisers of YAH.

But now all Jews are known as Judeans. But that is for another article.

praise YAH!



When you are in need, ask God to be....

One last thing.... when your Bible uses the word LORD in capital letters, they Hebrew translation has been destroyed and altered.

When your Bible says LORD, the Hebrew says the NAME of God, YHWH, YAHWE. You should scratch out the LORD and put in the NAME of God, at every place where you find LORD in capital letters in the Old Testament.

But in the New Testament, the Greek "KURIOS" is the substituted word for the NAME of God. Kurios can mean human master lord or LORD MASTER GOD, depending on the context. So in the New Testament, depending on what you read, you can scratch out Lord (in lower case) and put in YAHWE. You will rarely find LORD in capital letters in the New Testament. It only appears when quoting the Old Testament. That is because the word used to say YAHWE in the New Testament is "lord" lower case letters... kurios in Greek. But Kurios in the Old Testament is capitalized, because the context is clear that Kurios is Master YHWH.

In the New Testament, if a person is talking to Jesus and saying "Lord Jesus" he is actually saying YAHWE Jesus.

It is not neccesary to write and pronounce the actual NAME OF GOD over and over in the letters that became the New Testament. The tradition of all Jews alive at the time, was to write a substitution word, Kurios, in place of the NAME of God. WHY?? You tell me.


Today in Judaism, it is forbidden to say the long version NAME of GOD at any time, for any reason.

This tradition in fairly new, and isn't even in concordance with Talmud facts. The Talmud says that the name of God was a salutation between people who would salute each other, sort of like saying "God bless you". Jews would say "YAHVE bless you" on a daily basis.

Today religious Jews, instead of saying Yahwe, would say HASHEM. HASHEM means "the NAME" in Hebrew.

The fear of saying the name of God, did not exist in the time of Yahshua the MESSIAH.

below is an example of how one can use the powerful name of God when in desperate need.

You are walking at night alone. 3 scary guys come out of the alley and ask for your wallet.

You should say out loud and declare, YAHWE GUARDIAN!!! YAH be my guardian!

God will hear and he will prove he listens.

Hopefully you realize that you should drop your money on the ground and run with your wallet. They don't want you, they want the money. They won't chase you. IF they do chase you, start yelling and throw the wallet away from you. They will chase the wallet, not you.

But if you don't have the brains to do that... God may have to send his angels to appear to the bad guys.

I have heard stories about MEN doing this... speaking the NAME of God in the face of violence. Sometimes the violence doers hear the NAME of GOD, then see something behind the Christian, and run in awesome fear. They run from your guardian, who is behind you always, but the enemy got a glimpse of him! They get a glimpse of the Angel of the Lord.

This does not mean I am going to go jogging in Compton ever. Do not test the YAHWE.

This also has happened on the Battlefield of hand to hand combat in Israeli wars.

After the war was won, one would think the Muslim soldier would never speak of the incident where he retreated in fear due to Jews being protected, but they actually ALWAYS speak about it.

They usually testify that in battle, they retreated because they saw many ANGRY muscle bound men that were 7 feet tall, like massive American Football players in shape and ready to kill.

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