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PRAYERREPORT.COM mission statement

Incorrect definitions of "GRACE" and "FAITH" are due to reading the Bible with a Western mindset, and not a Hebrew mindset.

America has the worst Christian education in the globe.

This lack of education has led to the whole Law vs. Grace debate, that is a total waste of anyone's time. There is no practical application to the Law vs. Grace theology, since no Judaizers exist on earth.

Ask any American "what is the definition of GRACE"?

They will say, "forgiveness". Then ask an American "but if Grace is forgiveness, what is MERCY?" They will say, "Mercy is forgiveness of sins committed after becoming a Christian, grace is forgiveness of pre-Christian sins". WRONG AGAIN!

You are not under law, but under grace.

The Hebraic understanding of that verse is, grace is... the process of salvation, learning the instructions freely given as a gift that you did not deserve or earn.

The Judaizers thought Jews and gentiles had to submit to Jewish Sanhedrin authority in order to THEN after, qualify or earn salvation.

The issue is what came first?,

#1 If LEGAL court enforced submission to Sanhedrin Judges must come FIRST, BEFORE any salvation can possibly be offered. The logical result is that no continiuing sanctification needed.


#2 submission to Yahshua the King, by doing what pleases the King as a process of salvation. And that is the process of salvation, applying the unearned undeserved instruction of Yahshua the only true human Judge, for the growing in love for Torah is for blessed living. aka sanctification.

The issue is not whether anyone should or should not accept the yoke of Torah, since all should yes, but the issue is whether legal and Sanhedrin enforced submission was a pre-requisite to earn salvation.

Doing loving acts and submitting to God's Torah is the process of sanctification, and such a person is heaven bound.

See the link Authentic Faith and link Original Grace and Mercy.

Ask an American "what is FAITH"?

They will usually say "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, (believing and expecting a specific miracle that one asks of God)." Hebrews 11:1

So asking for things all the time, that is faith?

There exists only one word that I think conveys the Hebrew definition of FAITH. It is this Yiddish word... HUTZPAH. Faith can sometimes ... be rude and obnoxious and repetitive.

The West includes all nations whom agree on Catholic Renaissance mindset. The Western Mindset is valued by West Europe, North and South America. Even former Eastern European nations are adopting the Western way of life i.e. Poland. Even some Asian nations can be included in "The West", like, Micronesia, Phillipines and South Korea and yes, Australia and New Zealand, because the inhabitant majority are religiously speaking, of a Western mindset and not Eastern Oriental thinking.

The East does not think in the same manner as the West. The East have the same words with different meanings. Many communist countries are legally and officially titled "Democratic, Republic" of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, North Korea etc.

America is the largest influence on the Western culture. America suffers from a bad case of narcissism. America is a conceited princess who thinks, "all people want to come to me, all people want to be like me. ME ME"! Americans think the writers of the Bible thought and spoke from a Western Civilization perspective. The Bible does not employ American idioms to convey a message, it uses Hebraic, Eastern, Asiatic, Oriental idioms.

Americans are ethnocentric, that means, Americans don't care to learn about other cultures. They know other cultures exist, but Americans think those cultures are not as civilized or as evolved as Western Civilization.

Yes, all writers, even Luke, were Hebrews. Luke celebrated all the Jewish Feasts with Rabbi Paul.

Abraham for example, was raised in Ur of Chaldea, which was on the eastern edge of the known Earth. Abraham was alive circa 2000 BCE, but even in the time of Strabo the Roman scholar of the 1st century CE, Ur of Chaldea was still on the eastern edge of the earth.

There were few known regions east of Chaldea at the time of Strabo (1st C.E.), some were Indus (India) and Taprobane (Sri Lanka). Abraham was from the Orient, his religion was of an Oriental Eastern Culture. This map of STRABO can be found in ANY BIBLE atlas book.

Christians outside of North America suffer from persecution and value their precarious lives, not their possessions. Americans value their possessions, because their lives are not being persecuted, not in danger...NOT YET.

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