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PRAYERREPORT.COM mission statement

"Ha Satan" in Hebrew LITERALLY means: the prosecutor, the accuser. Figuratively it means: prosecuting attorney, adversary, enemy. In Israel today, all prosecuting lawyers of the Israeli court system, have the same title. Each is titled: HaSatan.

The serpent of Genesis is the very first LAWYER. He is the original prosecuting attorney. WHAT A SURPRISE? I know... no, not really.

Satan is the battle tested General of an army of prosecuting attorneys. All demons hate and prosecute humanity day and night. They know they are going to suffer in the Lake of Fire, and they know YOU deserve to go to the Lake of Fire also.

Satan is a 5 star general, Chief of Staff, who wins many battles against humans (Jesus has won the war, it's up to us humans to win our battles).

Satan uses LOGIC in his temptations, and most humans just have no logic training. He knows exactly what tact to use with each person, to create doubt. He knows your weaknesses, and he will exploit with pinpoint accuracy.

In general, Satan will first attack with the temptation that works best. He will tempt with SEX. When a Christian has the hots for God, is on fire for God, watch out, cuz that is very attractive to Christian and non Christian alike.

Haven't you noticed that when you mentally dedicate your life to serve GOD, suddenly sexual offers increase greatly? DO YOU THINK THAT IS AN ACCIDENT??

It would not be correct to say demonic influence is the cause of all sexual temptations. Sometimes a cake is just a cake.

Satan is not "the evil inclination" that you have in your mind, constantly suggesting selfishness. Suggestion varies from person to person. No one can blame anyone but their own FLESH "evil incination", animal soul; for concieving and performing sin.

Demons do try to tempt us humans, yet we don't need any help plotting against God and abusing humanity. We humans have the evil inclination. Our own FLESH, apart from occasional demonic suggestion, drag us from temptation to the performance of sin.

Satan is a sentient individual person. I refer to Satan as a male, but he can be a spirit or flesh female or male. To not believe so is tantamount to calling God and the Bible LIARS. Satan is not "the Dark Side of the Force".

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