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Any verse in the New Testament that supports a change in unclean animal status, is either a MISTRANSLATION or a MISINTERPRETATION or ADDED NON ORIGINAL VERSE ADDITION.

All writers of the New Testament were Jews, or in the case of LUKE the Doctor, he was a Gentile living as a Jew and living around Jews. Acts 20.6  Acts 17.2  and 18.4  The definition of FOOD in the bible is not the same as Western food.

#1 There are food groups. Each food group has its own rules for "acceptability" (Kashrut) Kashrut means ACCEPTABILITY. Kasher or Kosher means "acceptable".

Fish are not animals, birds are not animals. Fish are a food group. Birds are a food group. Animals refers to earth walkers. Crawlers are not animals. They are crawlers. They are not a food group, since no crawlers are clean, and none should be eaten, EVER.

# 2 An animal that eats animal flesh, also eats animal blood. Carnivores naturally eat blood. This is a detail Americans aren't fully aware of. 
#3 Food in the bible.. does not refer to American food, Western food, Oriental cuisine, but the world FOOD refers only to food a JEW of Israel would eat, because those that wrote the bible all obeyed FOOD of Leviticus 11. (yes including Luke the Doctor)
in other words... in the bible.. pig and shrimp n lobster are NOT included as a FOOD, but rather they are poison spiritually and physically.

According to the Bible there are clean and unclean creatures even BEFORE the existence of Judaism or Hebrews or Moses.

For example, only clean animals were sacrificed on any altar, read Noah's sacrifice of clean animals, never an unclean animal.

Animal sacrifices were mongolian barbecues. Most sacrifices had left-overs that were eaten by man, except for the Burnt Offering. The Burnt Offering was unique in that no meat was eaten by humans, but the flesh was DEEP FRIED to God. It was completely burnt "as a sweet savor" to God. BTW a burnt offering was burnt in its own fat and oil, so it is more correct to call it a DEEP FRIED OFFERING. so it smelled VERY GOOD, for miles and miles.

Regardless, all offerings ever, were made with kosher/clean animals.

Noah only sacrificed clean animals and birds, Gen 8:20. Noah was a vegetarian before the flood and probably after.  Noah did not have a pair of all animals. He had 7 pairs of the CLEAN ANIMALS. because God knew some would be sacrificed when the flood would end. and God knew the clean animals were going to become food for YOU. God accepted clean animal only because God was "eating" or "consuming" the meat.

Gen. 9:3-4 God gave Noah and family permission to eat flesh. Man did NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO EAT FLESH BEFORE THE FLOOD!! This does not mean that flesh was not eaten, because the mankind rebelled and probably did eat flesh.

God never said, "I give you the beasts of the field for food" in the Creation story.

God did not give Adam and Eve permission to eat animals, but only to eat fruits and vegetables and nuts. Permission to eat animals only came AFTER THE FLOOD.

Hence, God did not have to tell Adam or Enoch, "do not eat blood" because no Godly man ate animal flesh. Godly men only ate fruits, nuts, bread, veggies, herbs etc.

God forbade eating the blood AFTER THE FLOOD. Blood is forbidden, and in the mind of Noah and and anyone with LOGIC and the power of REASON, this meant that blood eating creatures were also forbidden.

That is the point I intend to share in this article... kosher mammals are kosher because they don't eat BLOOD on a natural basis. Kosher birds are vegetarian. Fish are not subject to the same rules of animal carnivores, so the animal kosher rules do NOT APPLY to fish. Fish have their own rules. 
Genesis 8 God tells Noah and his sons.. "I give you every animal for food, just as I gave the green plants, but dont eat the blood, i will require the blood from human AND FROM ANIMAL who spills blood"
Animals were not supposed to eat blood. The animals that never eat blood are, clean animals.
Do u eat poisonous greenplants?? No you don't.
So you should also not eat poisonous meat, meat that has predator hormone and blood in it.

Turn to Leviticus Vayikra 11 please. Animals that chew the cud and have a cloven hoof have something in common. They are all natural herbivores. Herbivores don't usually eat carrion, unless forced to eat carrion. Herbivores CAN eat flesh and blood, but they will only do it if starving. They will eat meat if FORCED to do so. This forcing, does happen in real life today. This is discussed later.

Pigs can be raised as herbivorous. But the pig specie will eat YOU if you let it. In fact, in Mexico I have seen little children that were missing fingers for this very reason. Pigs are not unkosher because they live in mud, and have trychanosis worms. That is of no consequence. Yes, clean animals are healthier food, since they are not full of hormonones of the animal they just ate. Unclean animals are full of frightened animal adrenaline and other hormones from both themselves and their prey. When an animal is fighting for its life, it releases fight or flight hormones. They are full of their own hormones released during their plight to survive death. During their struggle, they become full of hormones. Those who eat such animals, are full of their prey's hormones.

Gen. 11:13-20. Deductive reasoning tells me the list of unclean birds are birds of prey (they eat flesh/blood) or eat carrion (dried flesh/blood). This list contains fowl found in Arabia and Israel only. God did not have to tell them not to eat a Dodo bird, there weren't any around. Duck and turkey are not listed as unclean, but they were not birds of Israel. Only unclean birds native to Israel had to be listed.

Duck are kosher. Duck is not a bird of prey nor carrion eater. Yes ducks eat their own feces, but so do all birds. "But ducks have webbed feet, and they are so greasy, so they are not kosher!" Where does God say clean birds have to have 3 talons? Web feet actually validates the kosher duck argument, since web feet denote non-violence, whereas chicken talons denote violence. It is deductive logic, to conclude that if the chicken with sharp talons is kosher, then the less violence capable webbed feet bird must be kosher, in lieu that both eat the same food.

All insects that eat carrion (and blood) are not clean. All insects are unclean.
One exception.....

All locusts that are traditionally kosher, happen to be strictly vegetarian. A locust is vegatarian. and has no circulatory system. you just break the head off, and drain the blood, and chew. mmm. yummy.

All clean creatures that die in a manner other than a kosher killing, are unkosher. Why? Their blood is impossible to drain, the blood coagulates inside the veins and arteries.

Even clean animals have to be killed in a non-cruel manner and immediately drained of blood in order to be considered truly kosher food according to Jewish legal tradition.

All fish that have fins and VISIBLE scales are kosher. The kosher animal rules don't apply to fish, fish are not animals. Fish don't have a circulatory system, their blood drains easily. Fish blood is not kosher, because fish blood is blood. It is not animal blood, it is fish blood. God forbade eating blood, whether it be Fish or Animal or Human blood.

Shrimp and crab are the garbage trucks of the ocean, they eat the feces and junk found in the sea bottom. Is this why they are not kosher? NO, they are unclean because they eat carrion of sea animals. Halibut also bottom feed on anything. Halibut don't have visible scales, so they are not kosher. The scales have to be VISIBLE! If you can't see the scale, then it is not a scale for the purpose of Biblical identification. The Jews of Sinai did not have microscopes! Shark fin soup is not kosher. Oysters are not clean.

Turkey bacon does not have pork. It can be assumed to be clean. It is likely the turkey was killed in a kosher manner.

Enhanced Tomatoes in most farms are gene spliced with pork genes, in order to make them tastier. There's a sign on the tomato stand which says "gene enhanced" or "genetically superior" which means the product is not kosher, it has pig gene. Anything gene spliced with pork is not clean, in my opinion.

Genetically enhanced grain is making cattle sterile. Human women also will be sterile while eating gene enhanced soy. Such soy is 90% of the soy sold, so I warn you. Soy milk is NOT good for you unless you grow the soy. It would be good for you, but the US farm system only uses gene enhanced soy.
new topic.... was Jesus a vegetarian?
When God gave the food laws to the Jews, meat eating became obligatory. The Levites ate left-overs from sacrifices. All Israelites were to eat of the Passover Lamb every year, among other sacrifices throughout the year.

It can be said, it is not Biblical for a Jew to be a vegetarian.

But there isn't a real lamb passover sacrifice today, so yes there can be religious Jew vegetarians, as long as there is not a Temple in Jerusalem. There isn't a Temple Altar or even a Tabernacle so NO ONE eats the Biblical Passover meal. The closest thing is the Samaritan sacrifice for the Samaritan Passover, But that isn't according to Biblical instruction either (it isn't done at the altar or location prescribed). Sacrifices were only supposed to occur at Jerusalem and in the Temple of Solomon.

Because it is not a sin to eat kosher meat, the Bible does not quote God as saying "Be vegetarians".

If carniverous creatures are unclean, and Adam's sons were strictly vegetarian, then originally God intended humans to live a vegetarian lifestyle. At least that is the insinuation. It is better to eat according to kosher instruction, than to ignore kosher instruction.

"but Adaam.org! haven't you read Jesus declared all foods clean?"

1 Timothy 4:3-4. Forbidding to marry, and to abstain from meats, which God has created to be received.... For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it is received with thanksgiving:"

God created ONLY clean meats to be received, not unclean meats. Only clean meats is food to Paul the Jew. Unclean meats are not considered food, they are not creatures which God has created to be received for food.

That verse is only speaking of human tradition of abstaining from meats to i.e. eating only fish on Fridays, or declaring vegetarianism to be God's will for everyone.

That verse is germaine to the ABSTENTION of meats fallacy only.

Timothy and Paul were FULLY Torah observant. Read Acts, you will see that Paul and Timothy never ate any unclean food in their ENTIRE LIFE TIME!!! Paul was a Pharisee until the day he died! Read Acts 21 and 15. yes the whole chapters. Paul confirmed that he followed the Torah of Jesus. He sacrificed animals for himself and others who had finished their Nazirite Vow. He sacrificed because he was obeying Torah. He sacrificed CLEAN ANIMALS. He ate only CLEAN ANIMALS his ENTIRE LIFE. NO PORK EVER!!!

JESUS DID NOT CHANGE ANY TORAH LAW. HE did NOT make pork clean. To think that Jesus declared unclean foods to be clean is a sin, and Jesus would have sinned also if he had changed any Torah law.

The verse "(Jesus made all foods clean)" was added and is NOT in any original manuscripts. THAT IS WHY IT IS IN PARENTHESIS!

None of the Jewish Apostles ever ate any unclean food in their entire life. Jesus did not recruit wanton sinners. Jesus recruited normal people who were taught Torah since age 4. They were not however, scribes or Pharisees or Saducees, hence they were called "sinners" by Pharisees and Saducees. But the average Jew back then was more orthodox observant than orthodox Jews of today. It was EASY to eat only clean foods your whole life, since it was rare to find unclean food sold in Israel. It was normal for the average poor Jew to obey God and eat only clean animals his entire life.

this is also the case with Yahshua, Jesus never ate any unclean food in his life. If he had eaten unclean pig, then he would have sinned, and he would not be perfect sinless, and YOU would NOT HAVE SALVATION!! It is a sin to eat pork because GOD SAID "Do not eat any unclean thing". you do not need to know WHY a pig is not clean.
trust God.. and then AFTER you trust God, and obey his commandments, then God will explain his commandments.

and no God did not change any animal into a clean animal.
READ ISAIAH chapter 66. it talks about what will happen to those who eat PIG in the last days. God considers them enemies.

I, the writer of this article, am NOT a vegetarian. God does not order anyone to be a vegetarian or vegan, but quite the opposite. He orders all those who want to be saved to observe the passover with skewered lamb. God also asks for animal sacrifices in the coming Messianic Kingdom, some will be eaten by you and some by Levites.
Read Isaiah 66. Levites will sacrifice animals in the NEW earth and NEW heaven.

By the way, in Israel, Orthodox butchers adhere to Talmudic Shmittah and not Biblical law. This is significant since the tail fat is not to be eaten according to the Torah, yet SHMITTAH kosher certification is given to meat mixed with tail fat. Shmittah certification is respected by Orthodox Jews. It is an actual sign with Rabbinic signatures, posted clearly at a restaurant, giving peace of mind, that the restaurant provides SHMITTAH certified food.

The reality is, God judges your heart. You don't know how that steak arrived to your grill. Try to drain as much blood as you can from it. Thank God for providing you the steak from a clean cow. Ask God for Kosher food stores. Pray for Kosher food stores to flourish. When God rules from Jerusalem, he will consider those who eat unclean animals, to be unclean people. Unclean people will be punished for being rebellious. ISAIAH 66.

btw chapter 66 also shows that the SABBATH and the NEW MOON festival of the Torah will be observed when Jesus rules from Jerusalem.

One more note. Just as pigs can be raised to be herbivores, they can break with traditional and eat flesh if hungry enough, so any herbivore animal can break its natural habits. Mad cow disease has come into being due to cows eating carrion flesh of other dead cows. It is also conceivable that the original farm cows to suffer from Mad Cow were fed carrion meat by their rancher. The rancher allowed the cows to eat carrion out of ambivalence or frugalness. Either scenario was sinful and negligent on the part of the rancher.
Jesus did NOT declare all unclean meat to be clean. Jesus sinned if he changed the LAW. No he did not change or negate the Law but he actually gave the correct interpretation and application.

Jesus did not come to do away with the Law, but to FILL IT FULL, to reveal the FULLness, to FULL FILL the TORAH (law).

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