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Every Passover seder , order performed by Jews at Passover dinner, declares the EkHAD. Ekhad being a single unit, made up of 3 distinct parts.

**please scroll all the way down each article BEFORE you read it, so you can see the true length of each article*

Seder in Hebrew means "order" not as "military orders", but as in "order of sequence". The Passover dinner has a traditional order of service, as old as Moses. Traditions have been added, but the newest traditions are at least 1,700 years old.

Passover dinner is the only dinner I know where it's very imperative that one eat, BEFORE arriving for dinner! LOL. This is not a joke, even the Apostle Paul warns to eat before the dinner in 1 Corinthian 11:22. I attended a Pesach (Passover) seder April 23rd.

The Matzatash is made up 1 large matza flat bread, which all Jews everyone, in every passover ceremony, will break into 3 smaller pieces. A linen cloth of 3 compartments will be introduced at every passover seder, everywhere. The meaning Orthodox Jews give to Matzatash is the "UNITY". The Matzatash is also called the "Echad". Echad in Hebrew means "a plural unity". Echad does not mean "absolute one". The ECHAD at passover refers to a 3 in 1 unity of matza. The word for single, absolute one, is "Yahheed". Yahheed is never used to describe God in the Old Testament. Echad is always used to describe God.

Matza is the flat cracker with holes in it. Part of the order of dining is this: only the middle piece of the Matzatash is broken into 2 pieces. There are 3 pieces, and ONLY the middle piece is broken. Of those 2 pieces, the larger piece is hidden in a new linen cloth of 3 sections, the same mentioned above. It is always the middle matza that is broken and the LARGER piece of the middle matza is hidden in the SECOND compartment in the 3 sectioned linen cloth. The larger hidden piece is solely called the "afikomen". Afikomen has different meanings to many people. Figuratively, Jews translate afikomen as "hidden and will be revealed". But afikomen is literally a Greek word in aorist tense. Afikomen in Greek means "He who came". Later in the Pesach seder, the hidden afikomen is the subject of a search. The afikomen is found and reunited with the other smaller piece of the middle matza. First it is whole, then broken and buried hidden in another linen cloth, away from anyone's sight. Then the afikomen larger hidden part is found and then is put back together with the smaller part, among the Matzatash ECHAD, the other 2 parts of matza that make up the ECHAD.
This tradition is the same at EVERY SINGLE PASSOVER CEREMONY SINCE 200 C.E.

The Rabbis do not have an explanation for this tradition. They claim that the Matzatash is symbolic of the 3 groups of Israel (Priests, Levites, Kol Israel). The middle matza being the Levites. The other pieces being the Priests, and thirdly all Israel. But why are the Levites broken and hidden in a cloth like the afikomen?

Other Rabbis claim that the Echad is symbolic of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But there is still no explanation for breaking Isaac. Why would Isaac be the afikomen? Isaac was bound on the altar by his father, but he was not broken nor hidden at all.

The Echad, aka the Matzatash, is a perfect testament to the Echad of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Some people use the word TRI-UNITY. Call it whatever you want. Nothing can comprehensively explain the Muti-faceted Creator, nothing will ever explain God. Anyone who claims to completely grasp THE TRINITY, that person IS A LIAR.

Another example. God is like H2,O. H2,O can be liquid, ice, or gas (vapor). Vapor, ice, and liquid are the forms that H2,O exists as. YHVH is a UNITY.

Now back to the Passover seder and matza.

Matza has holes, like Jesus had. It has brown bruises, like Jesus had. It has lines, similar to the whipping stripes left on Jesus. The afikomen is hidden like Jesus was broken and hidden. It is revealed and is reunited with its former middle piece, like the resurrection of Jesus' body.

No attendee of a Passover seder can ever claim that God did not offer the salvation message to him.

Jesus in Hebrew is Yah'shua. Yah means "I am being". Yahshua means "I am being salvation". YHVH is the same name as YHshua. YaHVeH means "I am being, will be ..."(Yah is whatever you need). Yahshua is just a more descriptive variant of the name YHwH.

Yahshua is Yah. When Jesus told certain Pharisees "truly truly I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM (YAHVE)" John 8:58, the pharisees picked up stones to kill him. Yahshua had just claimed to be the GREAT I AM. Yahshua had just claimed to be the very one who told Abraham not to kill his son Isaac. Each time Yahshua told the pharisees "I AM", the pharisees picked up stones.

Surprisingly, rejection of the Trinity is very prevalent in congregations of Israel. This problem with the Trinity is the strategic attack of Satan. People are just not reading their Bible enough.
No attendee of seder can ever claim to be ignorant of the concept of an Echad UNITY. 

No attendee of seder can claim, God never tried to reveal the identity of the Jewish Messiah.
Again, since this is important.

No attendee of seder, when judged at the throne of God, can claim to have been ignorant of the Judaic concept of a 3 in 1 plural unity. Thank you for your Matzatash God!

En fin, God always intended to do the job HIMSELF, to be the passover sacrifice and the AFIKOMEN to take care of all sin. Read the most important verse in the Old Testament... Genesis 22:7-8
Isaac: "Where is the lamb for a burnt offering?"

and Abraham said "God will provide HIMSELF, a lamb for the burnt offering, MY SON..."

In the literal sense, Abraham says God will provide the lamb for sacrifice, my dear son Isaac. (Ab speaking to Isaac) but the prophetic meaning of this verse is clear. All the Bible is prophecy of the Messiah, and this is not debated anywhere by any Talmud student. Talmudist would say the prophetic interpretation is the "kabbalistic" or "Drash" or even "Sod" meaning of a verse. This verse's prophetic meaning is,

at that exact spot on Mount Moriah in the future....
God will provide HIMSELF, THE lamb for the burnt offering, ...MY SON"
God was telling Abraham, and anyone with half a brain reading the passage, that God HIMSELF would be THE LAMB for sacrifice. The lamb would also be MY SON, son of God, and would be sacrificed right at that spot, on MT. MORIYAH.

Later in the passage, God provided a RAM, not the lamb. SO WHERE IS THE LAMB THAT GOD PROMISED?

God is the Passover lamb. God always knew, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yoself!

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