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America has the worst Christian education in the globe.

Ask an American "what is FAITH"?

They will usually say "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, believing and expecting a specific miracle that one asks of God." Hebrews 11:1

That is the poetic, aesthetic definition yes, but it is not complete. In the Hebrew mindset, to have faith is: "to physically act in expectation that God will reciprocate action, since one is LOYAL to GOD." Book of Adaam chapt.1:verse 2.

Their exists only one word that I think conveys the Hebrew definition of FAITH. It is this Yiddish word... HUTZPAH. Faith is hutzpah. Faith is physically acting out one's hopes, hoping God will react or reciprocate, since one is LOYAL TO YHVH. Hutzpah, as most Americans know, hutzpah is a concept word. It conveys rudeness, bravery, hope, grave risk, seriousness, determination, and desperation and more rudeness. Usually, an act of faith has the indirect effect of being very rude to the ambiant people.

The blind man on the road, yelling and reaching for Jesus, had a lot of hutzpah. His story is in Mark 10:46-52. He was surrounded by Jews who did not believe that Jesus was the messiah. He was surrounded by Pharisees, surrounded by Roman soldiers. It was very dangerous to openly declare Jesus was the rightful Davidic king of Judea, since the statement also declares that Ceasar Augustus was NOT the king of Judea. In verse 51, the blind man declares Jesus to be Kurios, YHVH.

The Bible does not usually explain how much is risked on one's hutzpah declaration of Messiah Jesus. Mainstream Judaism even went so far as to kill many early Jews who declared Jesus to be the Jewish Messiah. Rabbi Paul was a member of the Sanhedrin, the Jewish Council of Judges that authorized the killing of Jewish Christians. Many Christian Jews were declared apostates, no longer considered Jews. Those who were not killed were tortured, and their possessions taken. All Christian Jews were "cut off" and not spoken to, unless being interrogated. Like today, Orthodox Jews consider relatives as dead and perform an actual funeral ceremony for a Christian relative. They think they are fulfilling the commandment of "cutting off" idolaters from the camp of Israel. Orthodox are not to speak to relatives who believe in Jesus. Come on.. you've seen "Fiddler on the Roof". The daughter of Tebia married a Christian Eastern Orthodox Russian. At first Tebia didn't speak to his married daughter, but later he came to his senses. Maybe because he realized his new son-in-law was Orthodox, hey at least that is better than him being Reform Jew! That's a joke people. Come on, laugh a little.
The silent treatment usually does not last, hang in there Messianics.

Being totally rejected for accepting the Messiah's salvation message is worth every human penny. When the Orthodox realize that your Messiah is worth more to you than your blood family, they might just realize how much they hate Yahshua for NO LOGICAL REASON WHATSOEVER.

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