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The Pharisees won. The Saducees lost.
Pharisee in Hebrew, P'rush the separated

Plural, P'rushim the separated ones.

A related term is P'res, Phares, divided.
The founders of the Pharisees are??? Maybe Ezra and Nehemiah. Both told Jews to SEPARATE themselves from their non Jewish spouses and children.

The Pharisee had one major problem with Yahshua, but it was the same problem all sects had. All sects had their own interpretation of how to apply Torah.

The Pharisee claimed their interpretation of Torah, their Oral tradition was also Torah from God, albeit not written yet. The Oral Torah would put a fence around the original written Law. The fence guarding the breaking of the written Torah was overly strict rules and regulatios to keep one from even coming close to breaking the original law.
Example. God says do not sow on the Sabbath.
The Pharisees add the fence, do not drop any vegetable or fruit, not even accidentaly, when walking through the field.

The Pharisees got legalistic, they elevated man made oral rules to the level of Divine Torah. Legalism is obeying man made rules as if it is Torah.

The written Torah was not given my man, it came through the hand of Moses by the grace of God.

Today Pharisaic interpretation is now called Rabbinical Judaism. Rabbinical = Pharisee's interpretation

Every Jew was religious and Torah observant. There was no such thing as a Jew that was not subject to the Sanhedrin punishment.

Shimon Peres is the name of an Israeli politician. Shimon Peres means "weak reed, divided". He should not be allowed to have any posts in Israeli government, in my opinion.
Names have meaning. I think he is currently the President of Israel. In Israel it is not like the president of USA, there it's only a media p.r. post without power, THANK GOD!!!!

There was no such thing as mainstream Judaism during the 1st century.

There were many sects of Judaism during 1st Century. Some didn't even believe in life after death or even in a spirit world. I have heard there were at least 6 MAJOR sects of Judaism, not including fringe sects inside of each MAJOR sect.

Libertines, Essenes, Hellenists, Babylonian, Alexandrian, pre-Karaite, Samaritan (Temple in Gerizim), Elephantine (own Temple in Africa), etc.

The Saducees, in Hebrew... Tzadokites

the founder of the Tzadokites was named Tzadok. There is some scholarly suspicion Tzadok was a Sun worshiper. The Sun rose and shone into the Temple, it faced directly east.

Tzadok means "righteous", those who do Torah, the correct.

The Saducees were elitists. Those Saducees who were rich, were usually the leaders of the elite. Any poor person could believe as a Saducee. Rich persons were thought to be blessed by God, and poor were not blessed. A poor person could possible become rich by becoming a Saducee over a long career. However this was not the norm, as you might imagine the power of money was not shared easily.

The Saducees were blue bloods, not popular with the poor masses. The Pharisee were not blue bloods, they were both rich and poor, they had the favor of the poor masses.

There far fewer Saducees than there were Pharisees.

There was no synagogue that catered only to Saducees, even though Saducees paid for the construction of synagogues to gain influence in the community.

Saducees controlled the inheritance of the High Priesthood for at least 100 years before the death of Messiah. Ananias and Caiaphas, co-high priests at the time of Yahshua, were Saducees.

There were also sub-sects within sects. There was a sub-sect of Saducees called Bayitussim. Bayitussim is in Hebrew. The word Bayit, is the word for HOUSE. They were the sect of Saducees that bought control of the Holy Temple, the Bayit. The HOUSE was a title of the Holy Temple.

KEEP IN MIND, the BOETHUSIANS (Baitussim) ARE ONLY ONE OF MANY SECTS OF JUDAISM in the 1st Century. These Boethusians did not believe in.....

in a resurrection from the dead.
No belief in a Spirit God.
Their idea of God was a telepathic superman that could give visions to his prophets.

No spirit afterlife for anyone.
No judgment after death.
Angels were just men, not divine spirits.
They did not believe in Demons or Satan.
Jews who were rich were deserving, blessed by God, without question. They were judged by God on earth only.
Jews who were poor deserved to be cursed, for disobedience to Torah.
They interpreted Torah always in disagreement with the Pharisees whenever possible.

To Sadducees
The end always justified their means

Hence... imagine such people in power...

They feared nothing, no judgment from God or any human. They only feared becoming poor and losing their political or monetary or religious influence....

so when serious religious and political competition came along, is it any surprise?

no wonder Caiaphas and Ananias and other Sadducees conspired to murder Yahshua Messiah. They murdered many people, some were early Christians, some were not.

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