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New Orleans Order: Food for thought
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See what happened in New Orleans when there is not enough food or water for everyone???

The desperate people formed armed "tribes" to aquire food and water at any cost.

When the Great Tribulation comes, FOOD will be the tool used to control people, not currency.

The war for control of people is the war for food control. I.E. the U.S.S.R. collapsed because it was completely dependent on importing flour and wheat and other grains from the U.S. It would have been suicide for the U.S.S.R to ever have even one battle with U.S. forces. All grain shipments would have ceased.

If the U.S. would have ceased selling the grain quota to the U.S.S.R., the Soviets would have had to invade and steal several nation's food to feed its army and population, thus becoming the global evil empire that the U.S. propaganda hypocritically preached. This was the reason for the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. Afghanis have immense grain fields, wasted on opium poppy. The invasion occurred shortly after the major decrease of U.S. grain export quotas, 1979.

Russia is still co-dependent on American grain, and that is exactly the tactical plan of the U.S.! The Soviets could not extract enough Afghan grain in lieu of cost and deaths, so they left the Afghan grain fields in 1988.

The whole point of the invasion was to cease dependency on the U.S. grain.

The U.S. avoided being acccused of starving the Russians by SLOWLY lowering grain exports to an inadequate level. By 1988, Soviet citizens' bread handouts were decreased. The people became fed up and wanted free MARKET policies, to have more grains and goods. By 1990, the Soviets and East Germany people chose democratic market policy because it offered more food than Communism did. That is over simplifying the complex situation yes of course. But hunger did break the back of Communism. Those poor people, were fully Communist, committed to the Proletariat control of the bougeois Middle Class, but they also wanted to have food in their stomachs. Though communist at heart, those starved people chose to adopt a free market economy that would bring them more food. They chose an economic system that gave them better machines, like better microwaves and stoves and ovens and refridgerators, not made by the Russian government.

They saw Communism as another Czar Emperor, imposing suffering and starvation, while democratic free market economy was seen as their solution to suffering and starvation.

Global tactical food warfare is in full swing.

There are different tactics used for different peoples in tactical food warfare. We Americans waste food. That is exactly the tactical plan!

Who do you think is easier to control in a food shortage?... those trained to over eat what they want at every meal?, or the people who are used to eating beans and rice at every single meal?

Americans will also accept the mark of the beast in order to eat. Here is the verse that proves it, "ALL NATIONS WILL RISE AGAINST Y'RUSHALAYIM TO BATTLE"

Israel is in the covert war for power. Little Israel provides more fruit to Europe, than Europe supplies to itself!

The day Israel ceases to export fruit, in order to feed its own Israelis, and that day is coming soon, Europe will have a devastating food shortage. Haven't you ever had a JAFFE orange? Where do you think that came from? It came from Israel! Jaffe means beautiful in Hebrew. Yaffo is a suburb of Tel Aviv. Yaffo is the Arab section of town. Joppa is Yaffo, and the port is mentioned in Acts and in the book of the prophet Jonah.

During the Great Tribulation, food control is total population control. No one will be able to buy or sell FOOD, without the mark of the beast.  Hence, eventually most non farmers, will not be able to eat unless they have the mark of the beast.

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