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See 2 Chronicles 34:5-9 'the remnant of Israel' went to live in Judah, when Hezekiah was King of Judah.


Here is the proof. Luke 2:36 "Anna a prophetess, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Asher. She was of great age....she departed not from the Temple, but served God with fasting and prayers night and day."

Her father was of the tribe of ASHER. A tribe that was in the Northern Kingdom area. Asher's territory was actually bordering Lebanon! She lived in Judea, She was a Judean due to residence, but she and her father were of the tribe of Asher, and her husband also of the tribe of ASHER. Why? Because it was a commandment that people marry WITHIN their tribe. Anna had married a man of the tribe of ASHER, since she was Torah obedient. Her father married a woman of ASHER. Anna's children would be of the tribe of ASHER. Anna lived in the territory of Benjamin.

Yerushalayim, the capital of Judea Kingdom, is actually in the territory of the tribe of Benjamin. Jersusalem is also the capital of the tribe of Benjamin. Does living in a tribal territory for many years convert a person into a member of that tribe? Sometimes maybe, but not in the case of people who had blood from a Northern Tribe no. As in the case of Anna the Asherite, a Northern Tribe person retains that particular status, regardless of where one lives, so that the tribe would not become extinct.

The pagan Israelites were deported to Media by Assyrian King SHALMANESER. There in MEDIA, the pagan Israelites influenced the Median clerics and the Zoroastrian monotheistic religion was born. Media is Northern Iran today. Those Israelites never returned to Torah, and thus never returned to Israel. They died in their sins, cut off from God's love, in oblivion, obliterated.

They are not LOST. THEY ARE GONE FOREVER!!! NEVER TO BE FOUND EVER AGAIN. The remnant of Israel was LOST, but alive since they moved into the tribe of JUDAH, in the sense that their northern territory of Israel was lost. But today, in the sense used by Yahshua Messiah, The LOST SHEEP OF ISRAEL can only refer to those Israelis (Jews) who are not YET saved by accepting Yahshua as the Son of God. (we can call them JEWS today) Today.. the lost sheep of Israel, are Jews who are not saved by the blood of Messiah Yahshua.

2 Kings 18:9-12 same as 2 Chronicles chapt 30.

2 Kings 12:1-12 "God cast them out of his presence"

God cast the idolatrous Israelites, OUT OF HIS PRESENCE. They did not repent. They died in their sins. Some Israelites did repent BEFORE the Assyrian invasion, and those Northern Israelites fled to the Judean Kingdom.

AT THIS TIME IN HISTORY, no gentile belongs to the tribe of Ephraim or Mannashe or any other tribe. If a person does not have a legal document proving having AT LEAST a Jewish grandmother, such a person can claim anything, but has no proof of being Jewish or Hebrew, same thing. In the case where legal documents don't exist, evidence germain are Jewish tombstones, parent lineage, the collaborative legal paperwork.

Many Germans have traditional Jewish last names, but they swear they are not Jewish. i.e. Meier. Meyer people are descended from Jews, since Meyer is a Jewish name, Mey meaning "water". But if such a Mr. Meyer refuses to observe the Torah, and claims no family member of his is Jewish, then that person is NOT JEWISH!

This same logic applies to the millions of Latin Americans with Jewish last names. All last names that end with an "es" are supposedly names of conversos "secret Jews who outwardly practice Catholicism to escape persecution". Examples are Gonzales, Rodrigues. That would mean more than half the Latinos are Jewish.

There are Latin last names that are assimilated Jewish names.. i.e. Benavides. This is a assimilated form of the last name "Ben David". Is such a Mr. Benavides Jewish? Only if his parent were fully Jewish and not Catholic. By the way, the whole fleet of Cristobal Colombo (the real name of Christopher Colombus) were mostly Jews fleeing the inquisition of Spanish Jews. Cristobal left Spain the last day a Jew could stay in Spain, the next day it was punishable by death for a Jew to be in Spain, August 11th 1492 I believe. The scribe of the fleet, Benavides, also mentions in ship log that all those aboard the ships were "all felons fleeing from the laws of Spain, yet none were guilty of any crime". All were either Jews or Conversos fleeing the Spanish Inquistion. BUT THE CHILDREN OF THOSE JEWS CEASED PRACTICING JUDAISM, and their children obviously were fully Catholic.

There is a sect of fringe Messianic gentiles. They claim they are Ephraim and/or Mannashe, the lost sheep of Israel.

The salvation of such a group is not in jeopardy, yet the claim of gentiles being a tribe of Israel, is not Biblical.

It is not commonly known that the repentant Israelis of each Northern tribe, immigrated to the Judean Kingdom before the Assyrian deportation. Thus, all the 13 (yes 13) tribes came to live and exist in the Kingdom of Judea, and hence "Judeans" became another synonym for Israelite. Jew in English is the short form of Yahudaim.

Yahudaim means Judeans. The term "Israelite" fell out of practice after the Assyrian deportation, since no one wanted to be reminded of the apostacy of Israelites in the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

All those Northern Israelites, who live in Judea, were given the general title of Judean, which today is now today JEW, but they did NOT lose their tribe blood line.

ONLY JEWS, who can prove their Jewish heritage, can be a lost sheep of Israel. But remember, Yahshua considered a Jew who rejected him as the Messiah, as lost. So also.. in order to be a lost sheep of can NOT be saved by Yahshua. WHY ARE SO MANY MESSIANIC GENTILES LABELLING THEMSELVES AS THE LOST SHEEP OF ISRAEL?

see Mattityahu 10 verse 5 and 6. Mattityahu is the Hebrew name, Matthew is an anglicization.

By definition of Yahshua, a lost sheep of Israel is not a follower of Yahshua, but needs to be evangelized.

There is no such thing as a lost tribe of Israel, in the sense of America being Ephraim, or Anglo Saxons being Mannashe. Ludicrous.

For a gentile who is Messianic, to label himself as an Ephraimite or Mannasite, is stupidity. It is not necessary either. Gentiles can be assured they are loved by God if they obey God. Practicing Torah does not turn a gentile into a Jew, it turns a gentile into a Torah observant gentile (GER). A ger is a Torah observant gentile, and God says a Ger should be treated as if he were a native born Jew.

If the European Rivers Danieper, Danube, Don, are named so because the exiled tribe of Dan once lived along the Danieper, Danube, Don... SO WHAT? If the wandering tribe of Dan travelled and rested in SweDEN and DENmark, do Danish Swedish people care? Do they want to return to Judaism? Are they even interested in serving Yahshua and the Messiah's Kingdom?

IF DENMARK AND SWEDEN WERE NAMED AFTER THE LOST TRIBE OF DAN, does that prove the Swedish people are descended from Dan? No.

Ameriggo Vespucci never visited North America, yet the U.S.A. is named after him.

There is some evidence of Hebrew speakers settling in ancient Europe. The most convincing evidence I have seen of Aramaic speakers in Europe, is actually very convincing. Ancient Welsh is basically, ancient Hebrew. Yes Welsh, as in Wales, Western Britain. It is uncanny. Do some investigating... you will find famous poets and scholars of Great Britain knew this fact, ancient Welsh is a bastardized form of Aramaic. I could put a link of the website that proved this to me, but why? Is anything proven? NO.

A small group of Israelite sailors could have landed in Wales. Does it mean that the people of Wales were once Hebrews? NO. Phoenicians also spoke Canaanite Aramaic, and they founded the many far colonies, like Tarshish, Messina, Malaga. Are Welsh people Jews? NO they are not.

There are even some islands called the Hebrides, in between Britain and Ireland. The isle of Lewis, the isle of Man. So what? Are those island dwellers Hebrews?

To God, and hence to anyone who follows God's instruction,

the lost sheep of Israel can only be those who...

claim to be Jewish due to being proud of being Jewish.

have substancial physical evidence of having at least a Hebrew parent or Grandparent.

are making an attempt to perform Torah

and they are lost, they do not accept Yahshua as the Messiah.

OBVIOUSLY the gentile citizens of DANMARK AND SWEDAN, DO NOT consider themselves to be remotely Jewish. IF THEY DON'T CARE NOR WANT TO BE JEWISH, WHY SHOULD ANY ONE ELSE CARE? They don't care because they know they are NOT descended from Jews.

Matt 10:5,6 "Do not go to the gentiles or to the Samaritans, Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel."

The disciples were going to leave Judea, and go to Historical Israel, to go NORTH into the area which had been the Kingdom of Israel.

The point is, that gentiles, were not considered sheep of Israel. Yes repentant gentiles are welcome to God's gifts, see Matt 15:24-28 but first to the Jew, then to the non Jew.

The woman was always a Canaanite, she never became a Jew, yet she had great faith. She was praised and saved by the Messiah God for her faith, as a Canaanite. She was never of the tribe of Mannashe or Ephraim, yet she lived in an area that at one time belonged to a Northern Tribe of Asher. The city of Tyre was in the territory of Asher, which was occupied by Phoenicians.

The same Phoenicians founded Carthage of Africa, and wrote/spoke Canaanite Aramaic. The Canaanite woman spoke a different dialect but the same core language of Yahshua. So yes Yahshua did share his love with those gentiles that lived in peace with Jews. Yahshua did not share his message with pigs, he did not toss his pearls to swine. He told his followers not to toss their pearls to swine. HINT HINT.

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