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Gal 1:16-17.

Many of the apostles and leaders of the Ekklessia opposed the apostleship of Paul. Not only were they afraid Paul was trying to infiltrate Christian circles in order to persecute more Christians, but Paul also did not meet the criteria to be an Apostle. Paul could not be an apostle since Paul had not known Jesus personally, so was the thinking of the early Ekklesia.

All the other apostles were picked because they had been with Jesus from the beginning of his ministry. The replacement of Judas Iscariot, was Mattityahu. He did meet the criteria, he had been with Jesus since the ministry started, ACTS 1:22.

That was one of the few requirement. In order to be an apostle, one had to be a disciple and later been given a mission to become an apostle, by Yahshua himself. Mattityahu was not chosen by the 11 apostles... GOD chose Mattityahu with the use of DICE. Dice in Hebrew are called Purim. There is no negative connotation with rollling DICE to discern the will of GOD in the Hebrew tradition (Urim and Thumin for example).

At any rate, Paul was never personally a disciple of Yahshua was he? Hmmm?

However, Paul claims to have been taught by Yashua personally in Arabia, after his incident on the road to Damascus.

Mount Sinai is in Arabia. It has ALWAYS been geographically described as being in Arabia, South of Midian. That can NOT be the Egyptian "Sinai" peninsula, since that rectangular peninsula has always, even in the time of Moses, been a part of Egypt.


Midian has never been understood as referring to what today is called the Sinai peninsula of Egypt. NO bedouin, no Arab, no Muslim, no one at any time in history, has considered Midian to be other than in Arabia. The Sinai peninsula has never been considered part of Arabia.

Midian refers to the general area from the Arabian city MEDINA up to the border of Jordan. The name of the city Medina, is a derivative of the word Midian. Midian is the region around the city of Medina.

Mount Horeb and Mount Sinai, are 2 peaks on the same mountain. This mountain is located in the land of Midian. This mountain is in the Desert of Zin, the Desert also located in the land of Midian.

The only area that could possibly be the Biblical Sinai area is the Western Coast of Saudi Arabia along the Red Sea.

Mount Sinai has already been found, but the Saudi Arabian Government has built an army base electric shock fence around the area to keep out Christians and explorers and tourists. Such explorers have been sent by TBN and by other Christian sponsors. All the terrain matches exact descriptions in the Bible. There are altars and Palm groves with the exact number of Palms (70) recorded in the Bible, sweet streams, bitter streams.

But the most compelling evidence is that the mountain top in the middle of this Saudi army base has been burnt. The wood shrubs did not charr away. The green of the shrubs burned, but did not ignite, but are charred and imbeded in the rock. The surrounding rocks are completely charred. This is God's sign reminding us of the burning bush. The bushes on Mount Sinai were burned by the fire of God, the wood is still embedded into the charred rock today. So why is this important? This is where Elijah and Moses and Paul visited with God Almighty.

Eliyahu heard the still small voice of God Jesus at Mt. Sinai. Mt. Horeb is a synonym, used by religious Jews. The word "Sinai" actually refers to the moon Goddess Sin (which happens to be known as Allah today), therefore, religious Jews prefer to call the mountain Mount Horeb. Elijah hears the voice of God at Mount Horeb, in what is today SAUDI ARABIA, in the book of 1 Kings 19: verses 8-15.

Paul went to Arabia, to Mount Horeb, just like Elijah did. He was taught by God Yashua YHVH in person. This personal tutelage by Yashua fullfilled the necessary requirement to be an Apostle. The requirement for being an Apostle, is that one had to be personally taught by Jesus. An Apostle was a disciple whom was personally ordained, tutored and sent out to evangelize by Yashua YHVH. Gal 1:16-17.

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