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Post-flood Noahide instruction.

Noah and co. were advised not to eat blood because they had never eaten meat, poultry, or fish. After the flood they were eat foods that they had never prepared before. Humans do not have the same teeth that meat eating animals have. Humans have the same teeth as vegetarian animals.

God never gave Adam pemission to eat animals. God only gave Adam the fruit and herbs. Gen. 1:29-30 "and God said Behold I give you every herb bearing seed... every green herb for food." GOD NEVER INTENDED FOR MANKIND TO EAT ANIMALS.

However, for reasons I do not understand, animal is permitted as edible since the flood. God told Noah Gen. 9:3 "Every moving thing that lives shall be meat for you, even as the green herb I have given you all things. But the flesh with the life, which is the blood, you will not eat."

But evil pre-flood humans probably ate meat anyway.

After the flood God tells Noah, "I give you every animal that has the breath of life as food, as well as the herbs." Thus, it was necessary that God also forbid blood, since meat was a new item on the menu. The broiling of blood is a common food in Guatemala and many other nations. This rule does not apply to blood or organ transfusions, since there is no eating involved. Only eating of blood is forbidden, not blood transfusions.

If a blood transfusion can prolong life, it is obligatory to receive it. The doctrine of the Jehovah Witnesses has never ever been hinted as valid by Rabbinic Judaism or mainstream Christian theology. Don't you think Judaism would have considered "do not transfuse blood" if it was a possible interpretation of "do not eat blood"? Clearly the message of the Bible is choose life, fight for life, break a commandment in order to obey the commandments another day. Jehovah's witnesses are not another denomination of Christianity, they are not even Christians. If you are reading this, and you are a Jehovah's Witness, you are in a cult. You need to read the link about Jehovah's Witnesses. It would be a sin to NOT prolong life through a blood transfusion.

We are the children of Noah!

Judaism has long held that 7 major precepts were given to humanity in Genesis 9. These 7 major precepts have minor implications that assist in their performance. Orthodox Judaism had calculated about 80 implicated rules from the major 7. So if you think 7 rules is a lot, you are a spoiled brat. Theses rules together are summoned up as one admonition... Evil acts should punished by humans in an organized fair manner, not by God!

The traditional rules are 1. Idolatry led to the Grand Deluge. Allow no idolatry. Punish idolatry. Do not allow it.

2. Cursing God led to the Deluge. Don't curse God. Punish those that curse God.

3. No sexual immorality. Punish those that commit selfish sex acts i.e. incest, molestation of children, rape, and spouse abuse. Punish homosexuality.

4. No cutting limbs off live animals. Allow no cruelty to animals. Do not be selfish and ignore the suffering of animals. This enforces the idea that sacrificing animals is NOT cruel.

5. No murder. Punish the murderer with death, ALTHOUGH... only if 2 witnesses see the murder.

6. No stealing. Punish them with forced repayment.

7. Establish a court system permanently enforcing capital punishment "blood for blood". By the way you pro-death sentence activists, if there are 2 or more witnesses only. The Bible only allows for capital punishment if there are 2 eye witnesses to the murder. And their testimony must match in every way, or the person can not be put to death.

All 6 commandments would be enforced, under the umbrella of the 7th commandment. The court system must enforce punishment ONLY IF witnesses of the crimes could be produced.

I will be the first person to admit, that I can't see where the Rabbis deduced all 7 rules from Genesis 12. How did they deduce, no cruelty to animals, or no cursing God? The main reason for the flood was evil selfishness. The Rabbinic tradition is that before the flood, ranchers would cut a leg off an animal and keep the animal alive, to cut another leg off for food at a later date. Humans that were so brutal with animals, were just as brutal with each other, Genesis 6:5.

The 7th commandment is very important. The enforcement of blood shed for blood is basically the foundation of civil political government. There has to be a court system to try capital punishment cases, there must be a police force to capture suspects, there must be taxes to pay such workers. There must be a police force and detention center to hold people on trial and those convicted. Permanent imprisonment, by the way, is not a Judeo-Christian concept.

It would be unreasonable to expect all these people to work for free. Therefore it is inevitable that a voluntary tax system would be invented to pay for such civil punishment workers. If there wasn't enough voluntary tax collected, then taxation would become universal and mandatory. Tax collectors would be hired. Taxation would lead to an accounting/controller agency ensuring proper taxation and usage. So the hierarchy of civil politics goes on and on thanks to FIRST establishing a judicial branch. God himself was the original legislative branch, it didn't need being established. The executive branch enforces the laws, and judicial rulings.

Remember, all 7 Noahide commandments could only be enforced if 2 witnesses could stand up as reliable and identical in court. Genesis 9 does not declare this rule of 2 witnesses. Think about it... how would any case be proven? Do you think one person's testimony was enough to punish anyone? 2 witnesses are a must, to prove any criminal case. 1 witness is just circumstancial evidence until another corraborates the story. Another issue is a confession. Confessions can be obtained by torture, thus confessions should not ever be valid witness. Judaism does not allow confessions as valid testimony. A large percentage of confessions of crimes today are lies. Why? Humans will do anything for attention.

At Sinai, God declares 2 witnesses are necessary to prove a case. Most people think the Sinai laws were new. First of all, they are not laws, they are the instruction for Godly living and blessing. Second, the Sinaitic law of Moses was repeated to Moses, but it had already been given to Abraham and Noah. All the instruction declared at Sinai, had already been given to Noah and to Abraham. Genesis 26:5 "Abraham had God's mitzvot, hokim, and TOROT." Torot is the plural of Torah. God had to repeat the instructions at Sinai because some had been forgotten due to 400 years of Egyptian mysticism study. It is Rabbinic tradition that in Egypt, the Levites always knew of Levi and they never delved into Egyptian mysticism. They always obeyed the Torot of Abraham. The Torah of Sinai is called the "law of Moses" as a nickname because Moses was the first prophet of the Jewish Nation. The Torah was REPEATED to the Jewish nation, for them to repeat to non Jews. The Jewish Nation was supposed to spread the Torah throughout the planet earth. Since 400 C.E. they have failed miserably.

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