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Demons are masters of deceit. If an exoricism is not successful, it is usually the lack of participation by the victim. If the victim does not want the demon to leave, their is no point in attempting an exorcism (there is a RARE exception as seen below).

However in Mark 9:22 Jesus casts out a demon from a child. The faith is not based on the child's messianic trust that Jesus is Lord, but in the faith of the father of the boy. The belief of a parent can at times assist a child where the child's will is incoherent or incapacitated.

An example of deceit during exorcism is the burning effect of "Holy Water". First of all, no priest can simply declare water to be holy water with prayer.

Second, if anything, demons hate fire torment and water would actually soothe, and not burn.

Thirdly, acting like holy water causes pain, actually serves to prolong the possession. It also takes the focus away from the victim. Acting like holy water burns, gives a priest a sense of progress. It in no way accelerates an exorcism at all. Even if demons did suffer when sprinkled with holy water, no demon has ever been exorcized on account of holy water buckets.


The smoke effect coming from such usage is created as a farce by the demon, to mock the priest. The screaming pain from demons being burned by holy water is a farce, to play mind games.

A demon can be exorcized from a non believer, but the demon will return to the non believer with 7 other demons. If the victim does not have the Holy Spirit, no human spirit will be able to stop this counter attack. The non believer's human spirit is not clean, but it is unclean, like the demons are.

Luke 11:26 and he (devil) takes seven other spirits more wicked than the himself, and they enter in, and dwell there, and the final state of that man is worse than the first.

This is a person who refuses to submit to the Kingdom rules of the Messiah. Knowing Jesus is the Messiah, does not repel any demon.

Does this contradict the logic of the exorcism of the non believing boy? It is assumed that the father would tell the child of Yashua being the Messiah, and that the father and his whole family would accept Yahshua as Messiah. The faith of a parent can be "credited" to a child, only if the child in not able to communicate.

In an exorcism, it may be useful to learn the names of demons, so as to command the demon by name, to leave the victim. However, name identification is not always necessary for a successful exorcism. Only certain rare demons are so powerful that we must order them by name.

A demon will try to trick you to try to get its name, when it is not necessary to order the demon by name. A demon wants to intrigue and play mind games.

The army of demons, is not a house divided. They follow orders like soldiers, without question. There are arch-demons are there are arch-angels.

At the current time, in most of the planet, the Demon army is not allowed to manifest in people as they were allowed in ancient times, as in the time of Jesus. This is a strategic decision by the leaders of the Demon army to not offer evidence of their own existence. They are however highly involved in u.f.o. abduction and sightings, which are mind games played on humans who have dabbled with the occult and certain spy agencies who dabble in the occult.

But today demons are active on subversive levels without revealing their existence to the general public. Such publicity would work against demonic goals for humanity. Only in certain highly idolatrous nations, do demons work openly without impunity. Most of these nations are those with little chance of exorcism being performed due to the rare presence of strong Born Again Christians.

Nations like Japan for instance, believe that Spirit come to Earth from the Underworld. Their Buddhism allows that belief. I have seen on Japanese TV, fully clothed Japanese women agree to have sex with a Spirit and actually experience that sex. A man conjures the demons up, the are fully clothed, and writhe in joy. Then the necromancer/conjurer sends the Spirits back down.

The Tokogawa Shogunate declared full scale war against Japanese Christians and missionaries. Most people don't know, Japanese governments have killed more Christians than any other government, even MORE than the Roman Empire!

Japan has very few Christians. This was not always the case. In a hundred years, Japanese Shoguns crucified MILLIONS of Christians. There were millions of Japanese Christians in the 1700's.

Such an area is ripe with demonic activity today.

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