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This article also offers some solutions in defeating Islamofascist movements and terrorism.

It was not Allah that allowed Arabs to unite and to conquer half the planet in 100 years. It was Alfalfa. Yes the stuff horses eat. Whenever the rampaging Muslims ran out of food supplies, in the middle of the desert, they would eat anything. They were starving so they were the first to eat horse feed, Alfalfa. It was unexpected, even accidental, but Alfalfa was one of few explanations for each Muslim war victory. Alfalfa gave them super stamina and strength.

Please see the site

The reality is... Islam has different meanings for words that we Westerners have. For example, the word PEACE.

Peace for Muslims means "subjugating non Muslims under Sharia Islamic law and Jizya Tax so that non Muslims can NOT disturb the superiority of Muslims".

Peace for Muslims is not diametrically opposed to waging war, like it is in the Western concept of peace.

Sharia law: The law of the Quran. Quranic Sharia is supposed to be imposed as religious and secular law. Sharia seeks to be the Supreme Federal Law of Muslim government. But Sharia does not stop there. The Quran asks that all the earth be governed by Sharia, even in nations where the majority population is NOT Muslim!

An important Islamic concept: Tactful deceit or "TAQIYYA". In Islam, Allah allows Muslims to LIE as a means to an end. Basically, the Quran teaches that the end justifies the means, lying to conquer is acceptable strategy.

Military Taqiyya is used in peace treaties as a means to refuel and re-arm a Muslim army for FUTURE battle. If it is clear that the NON MUSLIM enemy can not be defeated at the present time, a false peace will be created. This is the tact of the Arab Sudanese Government in Darfur. In Taqiyyah, only temporary peace treaties are signed. This allows for re-armament and re freshing of Muslim soldiers. This is the respectable quality of Muslim generals historically, they usually do honor their treaties, with some exceptions. Taqiyya are the lies that result in gradual subjugation of non Muslims. Muslims are patient.

The website will explain how Muslim peace treaties were only allowed for a maximum of 3 years.

Taqiyya is what Iran's President Ahmadinejad says every time he opens his mouth. He WILL make nuclear bombs and he will give nuclear weapons to Hizbullah, Syria, Lebanon and terrorists, while telling the world that Iran will not make nuclear bombs. This is Taqiyyah at its finest. Ahmadinejad probably would NEVER sign a treaty rejecting nuclear proliferation because he would actually feel bound to honor the non nuke treaty. Taqiyyah does not allow a Muslim to break a solemn oath, especially if it embarrasses Muslim honor.

However, Shia Muslims have extremist religious clerics, who issue Fatwas creating new Islamic rules and tradition. What would be taboo for Sunni Muslim terrorists, is fair game for Shia Muslims, so it is possible President Ahmadinejad would sign a non nuke treaty and secretly build nuclear weapons.

Forget North Korea, it is Iran that must be not be allowed to build any nuclear weapons.

Iran would rebuild all its enrichment installations with MORE FERVOR and non stop with the sole goal of revenge, after being attacked.

Leaving any nuclear facilities would only serve the purpose of uniting the Muslim Sunni world with the Shia world in support for Iranian revenge against the USA. The responsibility for the strike MUST BE A COALITION effort, preferable a NATO effort. The UN will never sanction military action against Iran. Not in our life time. There are too many IDIOT nations on the Security Council who support the idea of Iran having the bomb (China and Russia).

Another key word.

A DHIMMI is a NON MUSLIM who lives under Islamic Law being a second class citizen, in total submission to any Muslim child or woman or man's beating fists. Dhimmitude is this practice in application, with Jizya heavy tax on the Dhimmi serfs. Obviously, Dhimmis can Never possess any weapons or arms. The Jizya tax ensures less social power for Dhimmis. Under Sharia law, all non Muslims who refuse to convert must live as Dhimmis or die.

The solution to the rise in Islamofascist movements and to terrorism is this.... educate Muslims about the truth about Allah and his origins. Tell them they are in a false religion, a death cult. Many Muslims do not practice for this reason, they know their ancestor was FORCED TO CONVERT or DIE. They know they are Muslim only because they are born in a predominantly Muslim nation.

It is incorrect to think moderate Muslims will become extremists as a reaction to the blasphemous claims of non Muslims.

No moderate Muslim becomes a suicide bomber because of being told Allah does not exist. It is Wahhibists and power hungry terrorists who convince non practicing(not serious) Muslims to become practicing Muslims. Most Muslims do not want to practice Islam, they know they are Muslim only because they were born in a Muslim area.

No moderate Muslim, those who do not support terrorism (atleast not with physical action), will become a terrorist, because of being told that Allah is a false God.

The Western nations must not be afraid of angering Muslims with their words that spurn Islam. Muslims must be taught the concept of FREE SPEECH. Political correctness is the true enemy of Western Civilization.

It is incumbent on Western nations to follow the example mentioned in Australia. All Muslims who agree to live by Western law superceding Sharia can stay in Australia. If a Muslim wants Sharia to supercede Western Law, then that Muslim is not welcome in Australia and should leave as soon as possible.

That was the spirit of the government, but no such laws have been enacted.

To see proof, go to and search AUSTRALIA MUSLIMS.

here is the address tp://

SOLUTION: Immigration laws that make sure all Muslims declare written eternal PEACE TREATY and allegiance to USA federal laws BEFORE being allowed in, under TREASON law code.
Yes this will make Muslims feel targeted. So what? WHO TARGETS AMERICANS ALL OVER THE PLANET? ARE CHRISTIANS BLOWING UP AMERICANS? ARE BUDDHISTS? ARE HINDUS? ARE ATHIESTS? Muslims are not the enemy of America, but Islamofascists are all Muslim. Please realize, political correctness only helps the enemy. The alternative to not enforcing Mass Muslim Peace documentation is: many dirty bombs killing many Americans and killing the economy.

SOLUTION: Asking all Muslims in the USA to sign a declaration of unwaivering eternal peace treaty and allegiance with the USA, under TREASON law code.

Now the many problems have been shrunk into only one problem; TAQIYYAH: Islamist sanctioned deceit.

SOLUTION to Taqiyyah: Written signed declaration by each Muslim that He/She is aware of Taqiyyah and rejects and rescinds all practice of Taqqiyah as being illegal and punishable under FEDERAL TREASON laws.

Yes, Muslims must be asked to declare allegiance to Federal Law thus ending application of Taqiyyah and Sharia.

The legal threat must be stern and punishable as treason, not death, but lots of jail time or deportation for those who do not declare written allegiance to USA rather than to Sharia.
It is paramount to ask Muslims to swear allegiance to the state and federal laws over their own religious Sharia, and this must be documented.

Muslims in Egypt do adhere to the peace treaty with Israel, even though the Grand Mufti of Egypt has issued a Fatwa to kill Israelis that visit Egypt. The Mufti is being ignored by 99% of Egyptians not because Muslims have a grand respect for Anwar Saddat's and Hosni Mubarak's peace treaty, but because Muslims do honor their treaties (for the most part). Muslims aren't very serious about doing any Mufti's orders at all. The grand Mufti is being ignored and he is actually considered the unofficial head of Islamic Sunni clergy. There is no official head clergy.

Lastly it is best not to fear the reactions of Muslims at all. Example being the cancelled Mozart Opera in Germany in September 06 BEFORE it even premiered. Some scenes could possibly have had a Muslim backlash. Even the Prime Minister Merkel publically declared the decision to cancel the Mozart Opera as a grave premature error, for showing subjugation to Islamic bullies.

Never show subjugation to Islam. Never bow down and fear the reaction of Muslims. They are bullies who claim to be victims in all news reports, yet they are not the victims, they bully the victims. The facts remain true, no race has killed more Arabs than ARABS!!! In the intifada, the Palestinian wars with Israel, Palestininans have killed far more Muslim Arabs than they have killed Jews!

Islamofascists offended America first, the West is the true victim of the offending Islamofacists. Islamofascists are attempting to subjugate the NON MUSLIM planet with conversion or Sharia Dhimmitude or death. American tv shows are loved by Muslims of the Middle East and for that reason, the Islamofascists want to kill us. Bullies.

The issue is political. Muslims want Sharia to rule the WORLD, not just Muslim majority lands. Sharia is a political law system. True practicing Muslims want Sharia to supercede Democratic Secular law.

They do not care if there is a minority or majority Muslims in any nation, they want a GLOBAL Caliphate to enforce Sharia law over the whole globe.

This is happening in Sudan, hence the genocide on Christians of Darfur.

This is happening in Somalia. This is happening in Turkey. This is happening in MOST MUSLIM NATIONS. Sharia is having a world revival.

If all the Non Muslim nations stop political correctness, stop fearing the reactions of Muslims, then the terrorist would realize their plight is in vain, the West won't fear them. If there is no terror, the terrorists will fail.


As long as the West fears Muslim opinion, the terrorist have the illusion that they can actually subjugate the world. And hence they can convince moderate Muslims that they too can get 70 virgins and subjugate the West with terror resulting from bombings.

Muslims are actually worried about Qurans being flushed down toilets in Guantanamo prison camp? LOL.

Have you ever tried flushing any book down a toilet? IMPOSSIBLE YOU IDIOTS!

That is free speech in action. Nevertheless, NO ONE is breaking any law on earth by flushing Qurans. If you are Muslim and you don't like Qurans being flushed down toilets, go burn a Bible, it may help you deal with your anger problems. Prove to me your religion is the religion of peace.
Start proving your religion is the religion of peace.

You Muslims do NOT DO ENOUGH TO STOP your brothers the Islamic terrorists. You just sit back and spread your TAQIYYAH to the WEST, waiting for your Mujahadin to do all the your heart's desire.

Islam threatens murder on novelists, cartoonists, and teachers who insult you with FREE SPEECH.

The answer to Islamofascism is teaching Muslims how precious and supreme free speech is. Egypt has learned somewhat. Kuwait somewhat. Turkey is somewhat democratic. Free Speech has some respect in some Muslim nations, like Egypt and Lebanon.... lol what am I smoking?

SOLUTION: No more security screenings that are bias against non Muslim people. Yes some Caucasians should be screened, but the reality is MUSLIM extremists are the ONLY ENEMY.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is the enemy of the WEST. Western Political correctness is the gift of Allah to terrorists.

It's the REALITY. Islamofascists are the problem and they are all MUSLIM extremists.

Please pray for this brave man...

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