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Order of Events: The Day of the LORD
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This is an extremely OVERSIMPLIFIED outline of the soon to come events. It is also under constant construction.
I am not exagerrating. All the essential ingredients are in place, except for just 3 zesty spicy missing ingredients. 2 of those won't appear until you are already caught living during the Tribulation.

As you read this, there are men who claim to be the Messiah of all religions, and one who displays miraculous powers, healing, telekinesis, teleportation, bla bla. The Maitreya.
See the link, the false messiah is here today.
There is a nation of Israel, but the key is that there is a minority of true Jews, a small number of religious obedient Jews.
There is a partitioning of the land of Israel to the gentiles, like the Palestinian Authority.
The Russian alliance with Palestinians. Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen, was the P.A. ambassador to Russia and now he is the Prime Minister. Why do you think Vlad Putin Pres of Russia visited Abu Mazen after Abbas' election?
The Jews live in huge fortresses, having faith in their walls and major anti terror fence.
The stone city of Petra has recently been renovated and has enough food and water for thousands of Messianic Jews that will seek refuge.
Related to this is the strange UNTOUCHABLE by divine decree status that Petra will have. The earthly explanation for the divine safe haven for Jews and anyone in the Selah area will be the oil that will be discovered under Petra and the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea.
The False Messiah can't fire missiles at oil wells, that could set the vast oil dump on fire.
The oil under the Dead Sea doesn't need to be discovered per se. Ancient writers have written about Arabs collecting oil that welled up in the Dead Sea. It has been the fault of the Israeli goverment, that the oil has been given over to Jordan to dig up. It is the discovery of a vast oil reserve that will come soon. No one yet knows how much oil is down there. Suspicion is ... it is the largest oil depot in history.
The RFID gps chip, is potentially the incision mark of the beast, but the chip could do the job RIGHT NOW... TODAY as is. It will first solve the terrorist problems in Iraq when introduced. That will result in global acceptance of the mark as a necesary evil in exchange for safety. We have a single computer that alone can stalk all humans having the mark of the beast. It can track every human alive.
We have satellite t.v. which can broadcast the death and resurrection of the two witnesses in Jerusalem. Allowing the whole world to party when they are dead, and the whole world will see when they resurrect.
If not for Messiah coming back stopping the wars, humanity will have destroyed itself. Only this generation has the ability to end humanity, with nuclear weapons causing a nuclear winter, which would kill even the population of Ecuador on the equator.
Iran and several other nations claim to have no WMD aspirations, but actually this is a well planned deceit tactic. They are lying. They will sneak attack the U.S. via submarines, with bio and chemical weapons. The only 3 lacking ingredients are
#1 The revelation of the Man of Torahlessness, the man who is leader of a 7 year peace treaty in the Middle East with Israel and Muslims. He then successfully introduces a new world order economy. All the world hopes in his "evolution" of mankind away from Torah morality, hence he is the MAN OF LAWLESSNESS, the lawless one, the man of perdition. #2 The portable Tabernacle (Mishkan) becomes operational.
There already is a qualified Red Heifer, which the newly formed unofficial Sanhedrin have obtained. A sacrificial temple will be built before or during the 1,290th day of the seven year peace treaty of the false messiah.
#3 The area of the Temple Mount will be home of the Tabernacle. Allowing for the operation of the Red Heifer sacrifice in the Mishkan. It is likely that the whole Temple Mount will collapse, during an earthquake, and the Arabs will lose custodianship of the Mount. It could also be a war that results in destruction of the Dome of the Rock. The Jews will eventually rebuild according to their own religion. Or the Tabernacle will be built in a section of the Temple Mount, with a wall separating the Dome of the Rock Mosque from the Jewish area.
The 7 year Tribulation is synonymous with the Biblical term the DAY of the LORD extended also to the later melting burning of the earth and universe. There are many events in the DAY of the LORD. #1 The Jerusalem portable Tabernacle, sacrifice of the RED HEIFER. NOTE The Temple need not be finished being built, or even be in construction at all. The whole gentile world protests in disgust, PETA gets their panties all in a bunch. PETA membership grows exponentially. U.N. economic blockade on Israel for killing animals.
#1a The calling of believers to Israel to escape the wrath of God on the gentiles nations that cut economic ties on Israel.
#1b The 2 witnesses lead the 144,000 Jews in ministering for 1,290 days. They are could be completely new prophets, not returning Moses or Elijah. Rev chapt. 10, eating the scroll also can give John the status of being one of the 2 witnesses. Some other opinions are that because they perform miracles, one of the witnesses is Moses. Enoch and Elijah, both supposedly raptured, and for this reason both may return. What matters only is that there will be 2 JEWS who obey TORAH, who testify for the resurrection of Yahshua, and die for their testimony. Most of the world rejoices at their death, and then continue in their satan worship after the 2 witnesses are resurrected (at the middle of the Tribulation, not now). #2 total economic chaos on all industrial nations. This is the coronation of Jesus as the King of Earth, his START judging the ungodly who hurt his bride. It is like an interrupted wedding at the start of Jesus' wedding. The wrath goes on the interrupters, while the bride hides. The bride is hiding in secret places on earth, not in heaven with Messiah. The bride is being persecuted during her wedding. This brings above normal wrath of God. ALL references to the rapture.. refer to the time when Messiah RETURNS TO REIGN and Gathered the SURVIVORS.. there is no temporary appearance of Jesus. He appears as lightning from EAST TO WEST with angels and glory of the FATHER and then collect the christian jews and gentiles, at the END of Tribulation. The rapture is for the faithful til the end, not those who are unfaithful of the middle. Cash Money becomes very dangerous due to spread of disease, example.. Swine flu is spread by cash. thus a new credit electronic non held form of money is used. it is already BEING USED!!! the RFID chip gains popularity to track missing people. God of the Bible is accused of not caring for humanity, and the "love of many grows cold". Christians that were not raptured, look to False Messiah for religion.
Governments use ENEMY ALIEN lies to conrol the mass histeria. Actual flying saucers and other evidence of Alien life forms will be found in the DEAD SEA of Israel. The chosen location is the tongue, The Lashon, a small peninsula of Jordan in the Dead Sea. Theories of human life starting from Alien colony in Israel will be supported by governments. Most Chrisians are deceived. The logic is... if aliens exist, my religion is worthless, who can I trust? I must trust in this guy claiming to be the messiah of all religions, since there is no other option, i wasnt raptured and I find myself in the tribulation! NO RAPTURE TIL THE END WHEN JESUS RETURNS TO KILL HIS ENEMIES!!! Total chaos on earth. #4 False Messiah coming to the rescue in TURKEY linking MIDDLE EAST AND EUROPE. Since Israel fruit feeds Europe, the European Union signs a peace treaty with Israel, in order to eat fruit and have engine oil. The false messiah will need that oil since the Arab Muslim nations are his enemy. Hence, the false messiah will not be able to attack Jordan due to a peace treaty, and also will later have his World military headquarters at the Israeli Air Force base already operational and underground, in Megiddo, Israel. Maitreya becomes the European Horn of the World syndicate. Each continent of earth becomes a free trade zone, and joins the European Union to form the world syndicate to re create a world economy without cash, but with credit on the RFID incision chip. This system will aid in the hunt for terrorist money. #4 False Messiah brings peace to the Western world, while fighting large scale battles with Muslim terrorists, which gains him favor with many non Western non Muslim nations i.e. Japan, Angola, Congo, Korea, Phillipines. REV 6:2 False Messiah and world leaders declare Satanism was the key to success of the reconstitution of world stability, the time for human divinity by the hand of Satan has come.
"Rise out of the ashes, evolve into Divine beings" bologna.
The missing confession by NEW WORLD ORDER leaders that they worship Satan Mammon, whom offers divinity to evolving humanity. The confession by Illuminati and Masons and Skull/Bones and Rothschilds and Gothes (British Monarchy) Hapsburgs Merovingians (European Monarchy) New Agers and Maitreya that they worship Mammon Satan.

They all believe Jesus is hindering humanity from becoming divine, while Satan battles Jesus. Satan offers evolution of humanity to become divine. While Jesus does not allow humans to become divine. That is the dialectic of the Great Tribulation, people who purported to love God, will become lovers of divine humanity, and ultimately worship Satan, with full scoffing at the wrath of God.
This is important, because in Revelation, those that take the mark of the beast clearly know they must swear allegiance to an enemy of Biblical Jesus. The Koran has a "jesus" son of Mary (issa al masri)who ascends to the sky and returns from the sky..supporting the mahdi 12th imam. Islam today honors 666 as the number of the koran and of Allah's bismillah oath. #5 Russia and China form their own Asian syndicate with several nations (probably Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, N.Korea, Kazakstan, all the stan nations, in opposition to the world syndicate.
#6 Wars for food erupt, since the False Messiah will attempt to starve any nations not joining his system. A billion people die, most in Africa and Persia Gulf. Europe offers peace to the Mid East in exchange for oil. REV 6:2,6
#7 Russia and Muslim nations attack Israel. Israel nukes enemy forces en route to Israel. The false Messiah takes the credit for the defeat. Maitreya invades weak Russia and sufficiently occupies West Russia, but not Asian Russia. F.M. attempts to occupy many oil rich Muslim nations, since their armed forces are gone.
#8 The Jewish Beit HaMikdash is being built, the Temple (I don't know when it is finished, but it must be finished before the middle of the trib). Sacrifices occur in the Temple.
#9 The False Messiah in Israel, celebrates the pinnacle of his earthly power. At this high point he attempts to subdue kill the 2 witnesses and their religious followers. He enters the Temple, and claims to be a God related to Allah and Yah, offering the Abomination causing Desolation. It is also my suspicion that a statue of Mother Mary or Lucifer evolved super human, will be placed in the temple, with the proclamation that Mary is MOTHER GOD, and anyone that does not worship her image, will be put to death. Remember, there is also the FALSE PROPHET, who is not the same as the False Messiah, ONE IS POLITICAL AND ONE IS RELIGIOUS LEADER. Revelation 13.. the statue comes to life. and these fakers do miracles calling fire down from the sky, real demonic miracles. REAL MIRACLE TO DECIEVE ALL THE EARTH.. not magic, not smoke and mirrors. This occurred BEFORE the end of the 1,290 day FIRST half of the Tribulation, so the abomination of desolation will last another 1,290 days. Then add tabernacle cleansing days and rededication days, which equal 1,335 days from now, 45 days. The end of the Tribulation(killing christians) will be 1,290 days from the first day of the Abomination, but the Abomination status will last 1,335 days, 45 days after the end of the Trib.
#10 The 2 witnesses Apostle John and Elijah (or whomever God chooses) are killed, the muslim world parties like crazy. 3 days later, during the world party, they resurrect on t.v. Instead of repenting, the world scoffs at God.
#11 The False Messiah at the same time, is wounded by will of God's punishment from the 2 witnesses. Or, someone tries to assassinate the False Messiah. Regardless, the F.M. seemingly dies, and seemingly resurrects. Just as Pharoan magicians egyptians who copied the miracles of Moses, but not as well. The F.M. resurrects with a wounded right hand and eye. The False Messiah and the False Prophet perform many healings for the people who are suffering at the wrath of God. At this point Satan will fully possess the False Messiah, and is in direct control of world government, and will act fast to use nuclear weapons against humanity.
#12 The remnant flees to Petra for 1,290 days, which is an area with Divine decree of protection. Not even the Dragon can enter the area of Ammon and Moab, since it is the land of Lot, nephew of Abraham. And it is full of oil.
#13 The 144,000 preach to the gentiles. Many people come to know the LORD. It is a time of revival and of martydom for 1,290 days.
#14 Asiatic Russian Armed Forces reconstitute and unite with China and Eastern Muslim nations. World War all over the earth.
#15 F.Messiah makes Har Megiddo military headquarters. low yield nuclear bombs are exchange by desperate Russian army to enemies of europe and middle east and usa. Mobile launchers and submarines, are used all over the planet. Nuclear exchange escalates, since Europe retaliates. Another billion people dead.
#17 Chinese militarization of 200 million man army, the only thing unstoppable by nuclear attack, mobilizes toward Har Megiddo. BTW, I don't know when but they will eventually, India and Pakistan go at it, another billion people dead, which by this time late in the Trib. there are only 2 billion on earth left. Rev chapt. 9
#18 The River Euphrates stopped, so the Asian armies can cross that river and march West to Har Megiddo. The county of Turkey only recently finished a major damn on the Euphrates and this is the first time in known history that the Euphrates can be stopped.
#19 The Battle of Armegeddon. The F.M survives and retreats to Jerusalem. It is NOT the last battle between Good and Evil. It is the last major battle between humans and angels, LUKE says the angels will take the evil ones to be eaten by vultures to Har Megiddo.
#20 Yahshua appears to the remnant at Petra (aka Selah) and takes the King's Highway north. This is the oldest highway on Earth, it is mentioned in the Book of Exodus. Nobody knows why it was called the King's Highway even before the time of Moses, but we know why it WILL be called the King's Highway.
#21 Yahshua arrives at the Mount of Olives, an earthquake splits the mount in 2, and cleaves a ceremonially clean path through the Muslim cemetary purposely placed in front of the EASTERN GATE to the Temple Mount.
#22 Yashua walks up the path into the room of the prince, a room that has been sealed since 70 A.D., at the entrance of the Eastern Gate. Ezekiel prophecied about the prince returning to this room at the Eastern Gate. This prophecy is in Ezekiel chapter 46. Read it TONIGHT! Ezekiel is prophecying about the priestly duties of the Messiah prince.
#23 All nations gather at Jerusalem to fight Yahshua, and guess who wins?

#24 Those still alive, with the mark of the beast, hide in caves, praying the rocks fall and kill them. Nice try guys. lol. False Messiah is dead. Satan is chained up in hell until the end of the Kingdom Millenium.

NOTE from this time, this kingdom status lasts a maximum of 1000 years. The Millenium started at the coronation of Yahshua as King of Earth. Yahshua was in control for the 7 years of trib but he was not on earth. Beginning at the wedding of the Ekklessia to the husband Messiah. The Wedding lasts 7 years just like Jewish weddings last 7 days (Sheva Brachot). That is the Tribulation on earth, while the wedding is in heaven. The Jewish husband comes unexpected, with surprise and wisks away his wife to his father's house AT THE END of the wedding in this case. At the father's house, the wife and husband are hidden away, in intercourse, AT THE END. Those not at the wedding supper will regret not serving God, not haaving their lamp lit, not being dressed in wedding clothes.

#26 The Righteous dead, are resurrected in a specific order. Adam and Eve first, the pre-flood peeps. Then Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc. and the RAPTURE or gathering of believers that are left alive, AT THE END, just like Jesus says.. stay faithful til the END.
They have glorified bodies and live like super humans. They don't age, and they can fly anywhere.

Some regular non saved people survived the Trib. and when they die at 100 it is considered a very short life. Like in remote areas of New Zealand and Australia, Africa, Remote Amazon and machu pichu type areas. Glorified resurected People spread the kingdom of Yahshua to the survivors of the Trib with clear proof of being Jesus as king.

#27 Yahshua orders all guns to be beaten into plowshares. All weapons disarmed and destroyed. This takes time.

#28 Yahshua performs the Priestly Ezekiel prince duties in the Jewish Temple, duties of Yom Kippur and the Feast of Tabernacles, with a new Red Heifer.

#29 Yahshua re-dedicates the Temple 1,335 days after being Desolated. This actually takes place 45 days after the end of the Tribulation.1000 years to go until the the REnewed heaven and REnewed earth. The Hebrew concept of new carries the idea of Renovated and Refreshed. It does not carry the "totally brand spanking young and never used" idea, which is a Western Greek idea. Another example of the Hebrew meaning, the New Testament, actually means the Renewed Refreshed Covenant.
the greek word KAINOS means renewed. and the Greek word NEO means.. brand NEW baby. Look in your STRONGS 2537 and u will find.. the word for new earth and new covenant is always KAINOS, it does NOT MEAN NEW. it means RENEWED earth and RENEWED COVENANT and RENEWED MAN!
#30 Overtime, the regular survivors marry and multiply exponentially. In around 990 years, Satan is released from the pit of Hell, to deceive humans again. There are probably 6 billion regular humans on earth by this time.
Satan was chained to allow for cleansing of Earth for around 990 years.

When Satan is released to deceive again, many descendants of the survivors will rebel against King Yashua and his glorified human followers. God wants to show no doubt that humanity is sinful to the core, even to rebel against God when ruling in person.

NOTE The application of the earthly Messianic Kingdom will be a process, not an overnight miracle. Yahshua will actually appoint viziers, governors, whatever you want to call them. It will take years to rebuild the ruined planet. It will take years to teach all survivors, the salvation plan of God.

BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE... you won't get to vote on who rules you. Yahshua knows who is best qualified to rule over you.
Yashua will not be enforcing a democracy. Yashua is king and will enforce his MONARCHY.

You could be appointed a governor of Acapulco or Tel Aviv or Monaco. Where you served God would be where you would be given a Government job. Very nice.

That depends on several things... What you applied during your walk with God. What areas and people groups you are familiar with... How you serve God in your life. In other words, we are all currently in a training program for a future government job in the Royal Millenium Authority. There will be television stations in the Millenium. There will be a Royal police force. There will be tribulation survivors, who will continue to perform evil. Thus a police force will be needed to enforce the executive decree of King Yahshua.
another outline of Last Days... notice.. the regathering at the END, of the faithful to Israel, that is the Rapture at the very END of the GREAT TRIBULATION. God does help his people escape enemies during TRIBulations.. like HE helped shadrach meshach and abednego in Daniel... but God did NOT take them to heaven. They were protected from the fire.. but not raptured out of fire. God is allowing Christianity to teach the LIE of the pre trib rapture.. because clearly clearly the ONE taken, the other left, in Hebrew context refers to ONE TAKEN by false messiah to be killed, that is why Christians must FLEE TO THE WILDERNESS OF PETRA! While later, angles of Jesus TAKE his enemies to be killed at Har Megiddo. Either way.. to TAKE means to KILL. During the Tribulation, Christians will be protected with miracle escape power during the tribulation.. some of us will die.. some will miraculously escape til the end... some of us will deny jesus and take the mark of beast and then go to hell. some of us will stay faithful to the END.. and then Jesus defeats our enemies and gathers us to his Israel centered kingdom... AT THE END.. he who endures to THE END will be changed, in a twinkling of an eye and caught up, harpazo, taken by force. another shorter outline...... 1 Inflation of US dollar, global economic meltdown, US military can't defend allies due to US civil unrest/ financial meltdown. Many Islamic terrorist plots succeed. International trade of goods, food, and oil ceases. 2 Wars everywhere for food and natural resources, due to lack of US/European foreign assistance and military deterrent. A new United Nations type agency led by Muslim leaders seeks global military/ economic power to restore international oil and food trade. Rightwing nationalist Western movement increases terrorism on Jews and less on Muslims. Fundamentalist Christians are falsely labeled as terrorists. 3 Increased civil wars and intl land grab wars. All humans desperately support a super U.N. to restore food and crude oil intl trade. A global leader arises to restore security and intl trade. The New World Order is an Islamicized United Nations. The I.D. bank chip implant (incision of the beast) restores prosperity only for those who submit to NWO Islamic goals. 4 A spiritual teacher arises with public miracles of fire and many other miracles, a prophet (using demonic spiritual power). Israel rebuilds the Sacrificial Temple as terms of a Islamic peace treaty. Turkey becomes the Middle East superpower, restoring European and Muslim trade cooperation. The Mahdi of Islam is accepted by non Muslims as the restorer of Peace. He visits the Jewish Temple and stipulates that he is the Mahdi and his False Prophet is Jesus of the Koran, Jesus is expected to return from heaven, as the Koran predicts. Only people who swear allegiance to the Islamic NWO will be given the ID bank chip implant, all others will be hunted down as terrorists. 5 Yes most Christians and Jews will accept the NWO Leader Mahdi and the NWO False Jesus Prophet to restore food and security. The False Messiah and False Jesus, the supernatural power of Satan's demons, will kill most Bible believers. "Pray that your flight will not be in winter or on the Sabbath" Only Bible OBEYERS know Satan plans to unify the New World Order, with a united global holocaust of Bible believers.

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