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Why is Abraham so special?

Each commandment Abraham received from God was a test. Abraham had full freedom to obey or ignore. Each time Abraham obeyed, God blessed Abraham much more. God tested Abraham many times with the same results. The formula repeated itself.

God uses this formula with you today. God uses it with me. You have full freedom to obey, or fail the test.

"and in your (Isaac's) offspring will all the peoples of the earth be blessed; Because Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws (Torot)" Genesis 26:4-5.

There you have it. Torot is the plural of Torah. The meaning of Torah, know that the meaning of Torah is: to hit the mark, as an archer hits the bull's-eye mark.

Abraham taught all those commandments, statutes, and Torot to his son. Isaac learned everything Abraham learned, sometimes at the very same time as his father learned.

In Genesis chapter 22, Isaac was bound onto wood on an altar, by his own father. Isaac had come seconds away from being cut to death by his own father. Genesis 22:5 "And Abraham said unto his young men, Abide here with the donkey; and I and the lad (Isaac) will go and worship, and come again to you." Was this a blatant lie? Abraham trusted God to resurrect Isaac, just as He had resurrected Sarah's dead womb. Isaac's very existence was thanks to God's resurrection power in Sarah's reproductive system.

Many people of Genesis believed in One God, like Enoch, Noah and Shem, but this is not enough with God, not then, not today. It is likely that Adam and his sons, Enoch, Noah, etc, had been taught about the resurrection power of God. But that is not for certain. What is certain is, God chose Abraham to be the father of a family that witnesses of God's resurrection power. Abraham is the protagonist of the first story involving resurrection. He is the Patriarch of a special family. This family was to spread the messages of God to humanity. The main messages are as follows.

There is only One Divine being, the 3 fold expression ECHAD. The visitation to Abraham by 3 messengers in Genesis 18.

God gave several basic instructions to Noah on how society should operate. The Noahide agreement. (see the link)

God will give commandments, instructions, statutes, and Torot to each person who wants them. These precepts are tools to help humanity to appreciate God in daily living.

God has power over death; resurrection power.

Genesis 15:15 "You shall return to your fathers in peace: you will be buried at a good old age." God's own words to Abraham, whom would reunite with his fathers at death. This is the first Bible verse that clearly witnesses of an afterlife, although the concept is insinuated earlier. There is spirit life after physical death.

Read the most important verse in the Old Testament... Genesis 22:7-8

Isaac: "Where is the lamb for a burnt offering?"

and Abraham said "God will provide HIMSELF, a lamb for the burnt offering, MY SON..."

In the literal sense, Abraham says God will provide the lamb for sacrifice, my dear son Isaac. (Ab speaking to Isaac) but the Hebrew grammar also gives another prophecy. All the Bible is prophecy of the Messiah, and this is talmudic rule accepted by any Talmud student. Talmudist would say the prophetic interpretation is the "kabbalistic" or "Drash" or even "Sod" meaning of a verse. This verse's prophetic meaning is...

at that exact spot on Mount Moriah in the future....

God "will provide HIMSELF, THE lamb for the burnt offering, MY SON"
God was telling Abraham, and anyone reading the passage, that God HIMSELF would be THE LAMB for sacrifice. The lamb would be more specifically MY ONLY SON, the son of God. Lastly, God the Son would be sacrificed right at that spot, on MT. MORIYAH.

Later in the passage, God provided a RAM, not the lamb. SO WHERE IS THE LAMB THAT GOD PROMISED?

God never provided the Lamb in Genesis. The Hebrew is clear.. God promised the lamb, but provided a ram.
WHERE is the lamb for the sacrifice?

God is the Passover lamb. God always knew, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yoself!

Abraham is the spiritual father of all who are growing in obedience to God, with an expectation of life after death. In some ways this also includes Moslems, however not in the way that Moslems claim. Allah is not the same God of the Bible. Allah wants non Moslems who refuse to live under sharia Islamic subservience, to be killed by Muslims. The God of the Bible does not condone killing those who refuse to live according to Torah. Even when Yahshua rules the earth from Yerushalayim, the punishment for those who do not celebrate the feast of Sukkot (Tabernacles) is not death, but rain drought. Zechariyahu 14:17,18,19.

Genetically, Jacob the Son of Isaac is the decisive blood father of all Jews (Yahdaim). Jacob aka Israel is the father of a family made by God, to spread the messages of God. Abraham would be the Great Grandfather of that same family. Hence, Abraham and Isaac and Jacob are very special. They are alive today.

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