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A Jehovah's Witness is not a Christian
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PRAYERREPORT.COM mission statement

Read a book called.
How to answer a Jehovah's Witness
by Robert A. Morey

This book is excellent because it actually has photo copies of J.W. printed articles which predict resurrections of Patriachs. Time and time again the J.W. expected resurrections, and even built homes for Abraham Father of Isaac in San Diego. The house is called BETH SARIM... house of princes, for Abraham to live in.

With this book, one can show J.W. who knock on your door, actual WATCHTOWER photocopies of false prophecies.

The watchtower is a false prophet, which has given many false prophecies, and continues to this very day.

Apart from false prophecies... the doctrine of the Watchtower society are totally incongruent to mainstream Christianity.

Jehovah Witnesses don't receive BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS. Where did they invent this rule from?

"Do not eat blood" from Genesis. Since blood transfusion have been invented, never has any Rabbi Jew ever interpreted this commandment in the manner of the Watchtower Society.

Don't YOU think Jews would agree with the J.W. interpretation if it had any conguence with the Torah or Bible?

Jews know... God only meant one thing when he said "do not eat blood". God meant "do not eat blood". By the way... any Rabbi will tell you, saving your life or another life, is the prime commandment. There are a few commandments that should not be broken upon threat of death, fornication, blasphemy and idolatry.

The watchtower teaches that Jesus Christ was the arch-angel Michael in the Old Testament. Michael supposedly offered the chance to be conceived as a man. Michael chose to become a human inside the womb of Mariam the Jew.

The Watchtower teaches that Michael was the brother of Satan. Satan is the brother of Jesus Christ.

The watchtower teaches that Jesus Christ was not God. In their Bible translation, called the NEW WORLD TRANSLATION, they add and erase words that suit their own cult beliefs. example.... JOHN CHAPTER 1 verse 1. The new world read, "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with GOD, and the word was a GOD."

They insert the "a" where it does not grammatically correct. They do this many times in the J.W. Bible, The New World Translation.

Any group that does not endorse the FULL DEITY of Yahshua, as being GOD YAH in the flesh equal with the Father, is a cult, and can not offer salvation.

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