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PRAYERREPORT.COM mission statement

The global crisis concerns the rejection of the divinity of Yahshua. This plague is growing in America, but is already rampant in Israel and Europe. This is a crisis because YOUR eternal salvation is at stake. It has always been a biblical requirement for salvation, prefaced to accepting Yahshua as Messiah, one also had to accept him as being YHWH GOD. So allow me to be blunt, if you don't believe Yahshua is YHVH God, you are NOT SAVED.

Fortunately, the solution is simple. The solution to both problems is the same, study both Old and New Testaments in their ORIGINAL CONTEXT. The cause of both problems is, not reading both Old and New Testaments in their JEWISH CONTEXT.
I have heard an American pastor openly declare to his congregation "I don't believe in the Trinity. I understand and welcome those who don't believe in the trinity". This guy also said some Jews will enter heaven without having accepted Yahshua as Messiah. WRONG BUDDY.

I have heard a member of that congregation say "I don't believe Jesus is God. He is the Saviour, but Jesus is not YHVH (Jehovah)." Such doctrine was welcome at the congregation, thanks to the successful attack of Satan.

Satan is a very real demon, a cognitive being. His main goal is to creat doubt of Jesus' divinity, not to disprove his messiahship. If Yahshua isn't God, he became the messiah through enlightenment, hence other Jews can also become a messiah. And if Yahshua is not God, he can not forgive any of your sins.

***** This topic is such a crisis that there are 2 more links, please see part 2 after reading this Part 1.************

Isaiah 45:21-25 God YHVH is speaking about Himself,
God declares himself to be the only saviour. Yet in the Gospels, Yahshua is called the Saviour by many people. Yes, Jews were decaring Yahshua to be God each time they declare him to be the Saviour.

"Who has declared this from ancient time? Have not I the YHVH? and there is NO ELOHIM else beside me; a just Elohim and SAVIOR; there is NONE BESIDE ME.

Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth, for there is none else. I have sworn by myself, the word has gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, THAT UNTO ME EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW, EVERY TONGUE SHALL CONFESS. Surely will one say, "In YHVH I have righteousness and strength'; even to him shall men come; and all that are incensed against him shall be ashamed. In YHVH shall all the seed of Israel be justified, and shall glory." END

Isaiah 45 declares YHVH to be the only Savior, the only GOD. Yet people of the New Testament call Yahshua their savior. If Yashua is the savior, then logic dictates that he must be YHVH, since there is no savior except YHVH.

If Yahshua is divine, then he MUST be YHVH, since there is no God except YHVH, as Isaiah just communicated.

There are people that think Jesus is divine but he is not YHVH, that is so hard headed. That is NOT AN OPTION, thanks to Isaiah. To be the ONLY SON OF GOD, is to be of the SPIRIT of GOD, to be YHWH.

Some people think Yahshua was an extension essence of God, as in a tool of but not God, like an Angel's actions.

The "arm of YHVH". In EASTERN thought, this idiom refers to help directly from God against one's enemies.

Consider your arm, is it a separate entity?

If your arm reaches out to slap a lawyer's face, is that lawyer going to sue your arm or sue you? HMM?? My arm or hand will not be liable for slapping you. If my hand slaps you, you will sue ME, not my arm.

The Hebrew idiom "the arm of the Lord" refers to a personal salvation act from God YHWH.
But if you are thinking like a gringo, like a Westerner, the Arm of the Lord could possibly be a creature that God uses to do his will.

Confusion arises because Jesus never INSISTED on constantly being referred to as God, although it would not have been thievery to want TO BE EQUAL WITH GOD! It would have been just for him to be treated as equal with GOD. We believers are to testify that YHVH is the only SAVIOR, there is none other. If you ask for Yahshua to "save you of your sins" in the Biblical understanding, you are accepting 2 doctrines, that Yahshua is YHWH the saviour, and that Yahshua is the Messiah.

The Father is the Savior, there is no other.
The Holy Spirit is the Saviour, there is no other.

It must be accepted in order for salvation, if your Yahshua can forgive your sins, He is God and you are saved. If Yahshua isn't God, he can't forgive your sins, and you are not saved. It is necessary to accept scripture, there is only ONE saviour, YHWH, there is only ONE God. Yahshua is the saviour, hence... Yahshua is the only God.

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