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If a false statement is repeated enough, granted that the lie is not revealed to be false, then a repeated lie will be accepted as truth by many people.

Yasser Arafat, the father of modern terrorism.

Yasser means "easy going". Arafat is a small mountain which is near the Kaaba of Mecca. Mount Arafat is known to all Muslims on earth.

Easy Going Arafat was the first President of the Palestinian Authority.

But first here is the history of the British Mandate in Cis Jordan.

Cis Jordan was part of the Ottoman Turk Empire until the British conquered Cis Jordan in 1917. At the time Cis Jordan was the area East and West of the Jordan river. The Ottoman Empire called this area Syria or Lebanon or Arabia or Palestine. The area encompassed what is today Jordan and Israel. By 1948 the area East of the Jordan River was already the Kingdom of Jordan.

The Ottoman Empire never cared for Cis Jordan at all. Jerusalem was treated as any other town. Cis Jordan was a smelly mosquito infested land of beggars and typhoid. Mark Twain even visited the Holy Land on a Christian pilgrimage. Google his travels and you will find his quote about the Holy land. At the time the Ottomans occupied all of Arabia, and Samuel Clemens wrote dissapointing things about the land.

The kingdom of Jordan was formed before 1948, yet the area west of Jordan was still controlled by the British Monarchy up until 1948. The name for this area of British Mandate was still Cis Jordan. It was also called the Lower Levant. It was also called Syria. The region was called Palestine. Even Jews regularly called their WEST side of Cis Jordan, Palestine, since the State of Israel had not been created! The British had also called the EAST side of the river, Palestine, before the Kingdom of Jordan was created. The British used the name Palestine because they were ANTI-semitic. The British did not support the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

The Balfour Declaration was not an official British state sanction. It was rather an appeasement for Christians and Jews of England which was never intended to be enforced. And it wasn't. The British DID NOT create a Jewish homeland, but rather created an Arab homeland called Jordan. Then the British allowed 6 Arab armies to attack the Hebrew Rag Tag volunteer army, on May 14, 1948. The Jews of Israel created a Jewish homeland, the British nor their Balfour Declaration were of NO HELP.

The Roman Empire did create a territory called Palestine in 133 C.E., but that name was a reference to Philistia, but there were NO Philistines alive then. The only area that is true Philistia historically is the Gaza strip, which was actually part of Egypt up until 1967. Egypt GAVE the Gaza strip to Israel. Egypt rejected Gazans, they were no longer Egyptians, and hence gave away the Gaza strip in 67.

The point is, the Arab attackers of 1967 did not consider themselves Palestinian, since they were either Egyptians in Gaza or Gazans or Jordanians or Syrians.

There had never EVER been a country or state or people of Palestine. There was a Roman possession governed by a Roman Prefect a very long time ago. There has never ever been a group known as Palestinian people until Yasser Arafat kept repeating his lie. If you repeat a lie enough, and no one disproves the lie publically, the average person will begin to believe the lie.


An army of soldiers invaded Cis Jordan, from all the Muslim nations whom attacked Israel in 1948. The soldiers came from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon. Most soldiers who survived, never left Gaza or the West Bank.

After the war, Jordan controlled the West Bank, and the Muslims of the West Bank lived as Jordanians up until 1967, they did not consider themselves Palestinians. In 1967 Jordan lost the West Bank in a war with Israel. All those Arabs became legal residents of Israel, not citizens. Today that residency is revoked. Gazans are now governed by Hamas terrorists.

Many of the Muslim inhabitants left their homes in 1948 and in 67 to re arm and re constitute an army for the future war effort. They ended up in U.N. refugee camps that were supposed to last a year only. Now they are permanent breeding ground for terrorists and criminals, but not due to Israel. Only Arab governments are responsible for the horrible lives of Palestinian refugees since these governments refuse to help the refugees.
Gaza was a part of Egypt military outpost in 1948, full territory of Egypt. But the inhabitants became unmanageable after the war of 1948. Many many soldiers from other nations came to fight and then REMAINED in GAZA.
Gazans were Egyptians. By 67 Gaza had been given up by Egypt. Egypt had actually begged Israel to take over the Gaza Strip. Gazans had been Egyptians in 48 and by 68 they were legal residents of Israel, not citizens.

The point is.... the idea of a nation of Palestinians is al lie. The idea of a nation of Palestine is absurd.
It is a lie. It is ignorance to believe that a Palestinian people lived in Israel before Jews did. It is ignorance to claim that Jews stole the land of the Palestinians. Arabs did not want to live in or work in or develop Cis Jordan because it was a hell hole, it was the historic motherland of the "monkey" Jews.

Yasser Arafat was a civil engineer turned murderer. He was originally from Egypt. He was born in Cairo. Google his biography. The claim that he was born in Jerusalem was a myth purposely made up to further his leadership potential.

He would have become Prime Minister of the State of Palestine 30 years ago, IF he would have preached NON VIOLENT protests and hunger strikes.
Take the example of Gandhi, who freed 250 million Hindus AND 200 million MUSLIMS from the powerful British Empire, with non violent protests. Yet Arafat chose violence to use against the Israeli "Empire" of 3 million people. What a disgrace to Arabs power.
All Yasser Arafat did was kill a very few Jews, kill many many Muslims, and guarantee suffering for all Arabs. If the Palestinians would have had non violent resistance since 1948, the world would have demanded them a state of Palestine by 1980.
Other famous Palestinians.

Mohammed Ata, the leader of the 9/11 attacks was a Palestinian/ Egyptian. He was in an Israeli jail for terrorism crimes in 1990. He was released prematurely with many other terrorists, by pressure from President Clinton. It was a gesture of forgivenes by Israel and President Clinton to Yasser Arafat, to revive the Oslo "peace" process.

Sirhan Sirhan assassinated Robert F. Kennedy. He is a Palestinian/Egyptian/Gazan. He assassinated the sure future president in revenge against the USA. In 1967 the USA supplied Israel emrgency supplies in the 67 war vs. Egypt.
Abu Musab Alzarqawi, of Al Qaeda in Iraq, was a Palestinian who was raised in Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. He was Jordanian because the Israeli Gov. did not grant him permission to live in Israel's West Bank. Thank God.

Please Muslims... take a lesson from Gandhi. A non violent movement would created a nation of Palestine many years ago.

Yasser Arafat completely FAILED and let down all Arabs of Cis Jordan. He is the father of terrorism and he killed way way more WAY MORE Arabs than Jews. YOU WHO SUPPORT YASSER ... you got death and destruction. The worst political leader the world has ever know.

see this link please to know what a REAL NATIONALIST LEADER IS LIKE!!

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