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Episode 2 the crisis strikes back
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What anti-trinitarians don't understand is, the Jewish context, the implications, of the title "Son of God".

In Hebrew culture, the only son of a Jewish father was ABSOLUTELY EQUAL in LEGAL COURT MATTERS to the father. The only son would inherit EVERYTHING at the death of the father. This is wise since death was more rampant then. But even more compelling, the only son could even represent the living father in EVERY LEGAL MATTER. This was due to the ONENESS EQUALITY of a Jewish son and a father. This is NOT so in Greek or Anglo culture, or in Western Civilization.

If you read the Bible with a Greek or even a Western mindset, you will completely misinterpret the Bible. PERIOD. Again for those who are hard headed. IF YOU READ THE BIBLE WITH A WESTERN MINDSET, YOU WILL NOT CORRECTLY INTERPRET ANYTHING AT ALL.

This ABSOLUTE EQUALITY is present in Jewish Culture in Bible times. Every single time Jesus claimed to be THE ONLY Son of God, the religious leaders wanted to arrest him or stone him. WHY IS THAT? Because Jesus had just claimed to be equal with God (the Father).

The Greek Septuagint uses the word KURIOS to express "YHVH". Masoretic Hebrew text uses YHVH. Well guess what the Greek New Testament word for YHVH is? It is the Septuagint word used to express the Hebrew concept of YHWH, KURIOS.

There are also Hebrew and Aramaic NEW TESTAMENT manuscripts which use YHVH and Adonai. Adonai is a term used to avoid pronouncing God's title YHVH. To write Adonai is to avoid writing YHVH, yet making specific reference to the name YHVH. Adon, means "lord" and can be used to refer to a human slave master or job boss or teacher. Adonai, is a title that only refers to God, it literally means MY MASTER.

To put it bluntly, whenever the disciples call Jesus "lord", they are calling him YHVH.

In the Septuagint Greek Old Testament, YHVH or Adonai is written translated as "Kurios". In the Greek New Testament, YHVH and adonai is written as "Kurios". Any Greek reader would understand that Kurios means YHWH.

There is another word in Greek that means Master. It is only used about 55 times in the New Testament.

But YHVH Kurios is used much more, hundreds of times. There are other Greek words for human master. They are used more to translate human master. Look it up in your Strong's concordance.
It is sheer logic.
To put it bluntly again, each and every time the New Testament says ".. and Jesus Christ our Lord" the correct translation is "... and Yahshua Mashiach our YHVH".

Here is more proof. Jesus in Hebrew is Yah'shua. Yah means "I am being". Yahshua means "Yah is salvation" or "I am being salvation". YHVH is the same name as YHshua. YaHVeH means "I am being, will be ..."(Yah will be anything you need).

Yah is God's name. YHVH is his first expression of his name Yah to Moses. YHVH means in a literal sense, "I am what ... I am". Figuratively YHVH means "Yah is what you need him to be".

Yahshua is just a more descriptive variant of the name YHVH. Yahshua, YahveRofa, YahveNissi, are all variants of the same name.

YHVH Roffa means "Yah will Heal".

YHVH Nissi means "Yah will be my banner"

YHVH Yireh "Yah will provide"
Yahshua is Yah. When Jesus told certain Pharisees "truly truly I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM (YAHVE)" John 8:58, the pharisees picked up stones to kill him. Yahshua had just claimed to be the GREAT I AM. Yahshua had just claimed to be alive before Abraham. Each time Yahshua told the pharisees "I AM", the pharisees picked up stones. WHY DID THEY WANT TO KILL HIM?

Because he just claimed to be YHVH. Jesus claimed to be YHVH in human form many times. Yahshua is God. God the Father is God. Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) is God.

You say "so what! Everyone had Yah in their name, they were not divine!" Yes Yeshua was a popular name in the 1st Century. Most Hebrew names contain Yah, like Netanyahu, Yirmeyah, Yeshayah. But only one man claimed to be God, that I know of, and that is Yeshua Ben Yoseph of Natzeret.

The Echad 3 in 1 concept is hard to understand, but non comprehension is not an excuse.

Surprisingly, rejection of the Trinity is very prevalent in congregations of Israel. This problem with the Trinity is the strategy of Satan. People are just not reading their Bible enough.

No attendee of Passover seder, when judged at the throne of God, can claim to have been ignorant of the Judaic concept of a 3 in 1 plural unity.
Read the link "Passover seder Trinity".

En fin, God always intended to do the job HIMSELF, to be the passover sacrifice to erase all human sin. Read the most important verse in the Old Testament... Genesis 22:7-8

Isaac: "Where is the lamb for a burnt offering?"

and Abraham said "God will provide HIMSELF, a lamb for the burnt offering, MY SON..."
All the Bible prophecy is prophecy of the messiah, and this is the prophetic meaning of Bereshit 22.....

God, will provide HIMSELF, as the lamb, as the son of Abraham, at this specific place on Mount Moriah.

Later in the passage Genesis 22, God provided a RAM caught in the thicket, but not the lamb.

So what happened to THE LAMB that God promised to provide on MT. Moriah?? WHERE IS THE LAMB?

The lamb of God is Yeshua who was killed in the same crucified position as all passover lambs on passover skewer roasts.

God fulfilled his promise, He came HIMSELF.

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