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The mark of the beast
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see or cut and paste,2933,163983,00.html

or go to yahoo news and in the search box write RFID chip.

or go to and in the search box write RFID chip.

go to any news site, you will find what will soon become the tool of the false Messiah.

The Greek word "charagma" is translated "mark" in most Bibles. The literal meaning in the Greek is "incision, engraving, scratch". "Mark" is the figurative definition. The literal and more exact meaning is "incision" Gesenius' Lexicon 5480. Gesenius' Lexicon has the same numbers as Strong's concordance, but I have been told that Gesenius has more precise meanings of Greek and Hebrew words.

The mark is an injectable gps/credit/debit microchip. Gps stands for global positioning system. Many satellites in space can track the microchip's location, 24/7. The person with the incized chip can't hide anywhere, ever. Their location can be tracked at anytime.

This gps microchip will be called "the chip" in this article. It is now being used in the U.S. army. In civilian life today, the chip is marketed as a way to find lost pets.

It allows the U.S. army to track its soldiers. A computer can track all humans with the chip. It can compute who is a terrorist by correlating chip activity with terrorist activity. After the chip's success, people who don't accept the chip will be hunted as terrorists. Only terrorists, insurgents, militants, rebels would reject the chip. (that is the logic of the false messiah's army).

All the Western world will eventually receive the chip. The U.S. army and its new "prophet" computer will be able to hunt down all the terrorist cells. The PROPHET is a working radar/computer that tracks the actions of people in a given square mile area.

The chip will gain favor and respect in the world, as a solution to terrorism and crime. If everyone had a chip incision, kidnapping would cease.

In addition, the chip will track people who disappear without explanation. After the rapture of thousands of Torah obedient believers, governments will wonder where the raptured people went? North America will be in total chaos. The nomimal Christians left after the rapture have no last days education. They will accept the peace maker messiah, since they never read their Bible. Only a select few Orthodox Jews will reject the peace maker messiah.

After the rapture, ensuing world chaos will allow the false messiah to offer his "wise" solutions to all the world's problems. The false christ will solve the Israeli Palestinian terrorist problem with the chip. After the rapture, crime will increase exponentially in looting. Lots of property will be left without an owner.

But later, all crime will be decreased, the chip will replace paper money and silver. Kidnapping in Iraq and Mexico, and Colombia will cease. It's not such a bad idea really. The problem is false christ Maitreya will only give the chip to whomever swears allegiance to Maitreya Messiah. See the link, The false messiah is here.

From the context of the Bible, it is insinuated that the chip will not be widely used around the planet until the false messiah uses it for his purpose. Enough people on the planet are aware of the danger to democracy that the chip possesses, and today the chip has no chance of wide intercontinental usage. But in the event of a planetary food shortage, democracy will GO COMPLETELY OUT THE DOOR!

EXAMPLE... NEW ORLEANS had a food shortage after a Hurricane rolled through. What happenned then??

We are being brainshwashed into accepting the incision chip with the result of safety from terrorists.

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