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The tribe of Dan does not appear on the list of tribes which are written in the Book of Revelation, at the numbering of the 144,000. See Revelation chapter 7. Is the tribe of Dan a lost tribe of Israel?

The ancient emblem on the flag of Dan was a serpent climbing up a balance scale.

The tribe of Dan was very idolatrous and weak, no matter where they lived. Dan first inhabited the border with Gaza of the Phillistines. Due to constant Phillistine harrassment the tribe moved to the Mount Hermon area in Northern Israel. Then the tribe suffered at the hands of the Syrian Canaanites, and adopted Canaanite idolatry.

More proof that DAN needs redemption. Revelation in chapter 9 says... And the name of our arch angel enemy is Abbadon. Abbadon is Hebrew... Abba means Father, Don means Judgement. Father of Dan (Dan meaning "Judgement"). I wouldn't want to be of the tribe of Dan in the last days. By the way...the parenthesis "(which means Destroyer)" after Apollyon, is not in any Greek manuscript.

No one can say, Revelation says "Apollyon means Destroyer". That is not true. The "(which means Destroyer)" is not in any original manuscript.

The words in the parenthesis are added by your translation.

If you don't have the parenthesis, then nevermind.

Apollyon does mean "destroyer" literally, the concept being Apollos the Greek Sun-God throwing flames of the Sun's fire at any object he wants to TOTALLY DESTROY. Figuratively Apollyon means the destroyer SATAN, Stong's #623. My point is this, Apollyon is NOT the Greek translation of ABADON. Apollyon is an EQUIVALENT idea in GREEK culture to what ABADON is in Hebrew culture. Abadon and Apollyon have the same FIGURATIVE meaning of "SATAN". But the literal meanings are completely different. Apollyon is not Abadon translated into Greek. Abadon literally means FATHER OF DAN. Abbadon is not Apollyon translated into Hebrew. Apollyon is NOT Abadon translated into Greek.

I AM NOT adding to the book of Revelation when I share the literal English translation of Abadon as being FATHER OF DAN.

The Apostle John is not translating Abadon into Greek. The Apostle is solely offering a Greek equivalent for readers whom are not familiar with the Abadon Hebrew title.

The Abbadon verse I speak of is REVELATION 9.... oh my... what a coincidence, look at the verse!!!

Is it a coincidence? The verse is Revelation 9:11

All the free masons and secret societies know this verse and worship ABBADON, as MAMMON and SATAN, as the architect of the earth realm. All illuminati, free mason, merovingians read the bible and know that Revelation mentions ABBADON. This is why they worship days of the year. Sept 11 is a day that is holy to the Illuminati as a day that Satan, their God, has permission to influence humanity, so the Satanists believe.

But God redeems the tribe of Dan, because one the gates of the NEW JERUSALEM in Ezekiel 48 is named after DAN.

The tribe of Dan does receive an inheritance in the time of Ezekiel's future Temple vision. The Temple and land boundaries of Ezekiel have not been fulfilled ever. They are prophecies refering to Israel and its TEMPLE at the END OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION.

See Ezekiel chapter 47 verses 21 to 23

At that time, and ONLY AT THAT TIME, sojourners, GERIM HaSHAAR, who were born gentiles but live like Jews, in Torah observance, will be adopted as Jews by God himself. God will give Gerim land and inheritance as being the sons of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. Gentiles who accept Yahshua as the Messiah are spiritual sons of Abraham, but only those gentiles who practice Torah, living as Jews, will also be considered sons of Jacob Israel, and thus will be adopted as Israelites. It is God's desire that all Christians practice the commandments of Torah. Matthew 5:17-20

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