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Paul the Pharisee "apostle to the gentiles"??? WHY??
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="4">Rabbi Paul was a Pharisee until the day he died!! Here is the proof.
Acts 23:6, 26:5, Phillipians 3:5,6
Acts 25:8. 1 Tim 1:8

Just read all of Acts chapter 21. How anyone can accuse Paul of doing away with the Law of God, is incomprehensible.

In those texts... you may notice.. Paul sacrifices animals in the Temple at Yerushalayim. All the Christian Jews alive during that time offered animal sacrifices, because that is what it means to be Jewish! Jews observe the Torah. The Torah is specifically the Kingdom Instructions, how to please the King. These instructions are given little by little starting with Adam and Eve, until Joshua and the multitude finish founding the Commonwealth of Israel.

The Torah can also refer to the first five books of the Complete Bible.

In this book ACTS 23, Rabbi Paul shaved his head for a vow, that vow is called the Nazirite vow. At the end of a Nazirite vow, he must offer animal sacrifices.

Paul did this for himself, and paid for other people's animal sacrifice, to prove he was living according to tradition of the Jerusalem Christian Council. The tradition of the Jerusalem Council is of course.... the tradition of orthodox Jews... the tradition is... the TORAH.

In the Greek, tradition is PARADOSIS. Look that up in your Strong's concordance # 3862... it means, the traditional instruction of the Jews.... THE TORAH.
That is the tradition that Paul passed onto every single Christian he encountered or led to the LORD..... see the proof here

1 Pet 1:18
Gal 1:14
2 Thess 2:15 and 3:6

YES YES YES!!!! and he was chosen to be so.. because GOD knew Paul would teach the gentiles the tradition of the PHARISEES!

and guess what, that was a very GOOD THING!

Pharisees were the bastion of Jewish belief in
-to judgment by God
-one had a spirit afterlife
-a Spirit God.
-God loved Jews like a Father loves a son.

Many religious sects of Jews didn't believe in such things in Paul's lifetime.

There was no such thing as mainstream Judaism at the time.

For instance, the high priests of the Holy Temple at the time of Jesus and Paul were Zadokites, Sadducees, and of the Baitussim, Boethusian sect. They didn't even believe in a resurrection, nor that they had a spirit themselves.

see the link, Pharisees vs. Sadducees I'll take the Pharisees any day!

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