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PRAYERREPORT.COM mission statement

 All Bible studies should be as simple as possible, to attract people.... 

WRONG. Be patient, don't give up, keep reading your Bible, and edify your vocabulary on PRAYERREPORT. WE are not going to tickle your ears.

Christians are not simpletons who check their brains out at the door to church.... or are they? A child can understand the salvation message. However, this site is not meant for children. If you want ear tickling, go watch TBN! Yep... I wrote it, do you have a problem with it? You are tired of moma's milk, so we offer theological meat. A ministry that is apocalyptic offers options for those who must live through the Great Tribulation. Many people will be saved in the LAST DAYS. This site is dedicted to helping them get saved. This site will be working during the LAST DAYS. Right now we can discuss variant threads of eschatology (look it up). I have not even started to explain any sibylline passages (look it up), and you are whining already? Ha Ha lol!
This website exists out of love for YOU. No one is forcing us to share any info or to pray for you when you email a request. PRAYERREPORT.COM is the future of Christianity because it teaches original Hebraic Christianity. The Apostles were Jews. They assuredly did NOT write their scrolls with Greek thought or Greek context. Jesus was a Jew, the apostles too, Paul was a Pharisee of Pharisees, until the day they died.
Jesus wasn't Greek or Italian, he still is Yahshua of Nazareth, of Israel. Jesus shares his Filled Full Hebraic culture with you today. If you love God, obey his commandments. If you think obeying God puts you "under the Law", you have been incorrectly taught to justify all sin, to be lawless, to be a worker of lawlessness (MATT 7:21-23.)
"My people perish due to lack of knowledge, for you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee" (Hosea 4:6) God wants you to be prophetically informed. BTW read the rest of that Hosea verse please, see how Hebraic it truly is.

LOVE of God and neighbor is adMINISTERING action, support in prayer. But you have to ask God for help! and if you like you can email me for help after you ask God first.

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