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Joseph Smith KILLED 2 PEOPLE in a gun fight the day of his death. He was a criminal in jail the day of his death, and he was not in jail for preaching his "Gospel".

Why was Joseph Smith in jail? Why was he murdered?

Why were Americans hunting Joseph Smith with guns?

Joseph Smith was a compulsive charlatan. He was incarcerated SEVERAL times during his life, arrested by law officers for chicanery.

When in jail for being a charlatan, Joseph Smith KILLED his persecutors. Is that Christ-like?

All this can be confirmed at

Everyman has the right to defend himself. But in Acts there are several examples of Christians in jail. In all examples, killing a persecutor is not Christ-like behavior.

Many quotes from his former friends, verify that he was a charlatan till the day he died. Joseph Smith died in a GUN FIGHT, in which fight, he killed people. These people were hunting Smith for a reason, not just for fun. They also knew Smith would shoot back, yet they put their own lives at risk when hunting Smith. That is serious. See

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