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The historicity of Allah worship must be taught to all humans of all religions.

To those readers who think Islam is another expression of the same God of the Bible, you are not living in reality. The Quran clearly teaches ethics in contraposition to Judeo Christian ethic.

In fact, the Islamic war on the U.S.A is simply the Islamic ethic vs. Judeo Christian ethic. The Quran vs. The Bible.

Most Muslims (98%) are not direct participants in this war, but the extremist Shia clerics and Sunni Wahhabist Clerics are the bullies.

1% of Muslims are clerics, clergy. 1% of Muslims are training as terrorists non clergy.

Allah does NOT literally mean "God" in Arabic. Allah is not a generic name, nor is it a title. Allah is a specific name that was used for a false God, many years before Muhammad was born. And no, the Koran is not a message from the God of the Bible.

The Kaaba, the Black Square building in Mecca, existed before Islam. It was a shrine full of idols, and its patron God was Allah. This Kaaba was supposedly the landing site of a meteorite rock, hence the black rock inside a black building. Supposedly it is near the location of the water well that saved Ishmael Son of Abraham. For hundreds of years, the Kaaba had hundreds of idols inside of it. Visitors would leave an idol of their God at the site of the meteorite landing. The Arabians worshiped the meteorite as a God that fell from the sky, among their other Gods.

There is an Arabic word that has fallen out of use, Elihu, it means "God". It fell out of use due to the usage of Allah.

This article was written with the valuable assistance of a book by Samy Tanagho "Glad news God loves you my Muslim friend".

Muhammad by blood birth was belonging to the Hashemite tribe. He was an orphan whom was adopted by his Uncle, and adopted into the Quraysh Arab tribe.

The patron Goddess of the Hashemite and Quraysh tribe was the MOON GOD Allat, long before the rise of Islam. This is the same idolatry all over the Middle East, same as the MOON worship in HARAN tribes and of ancient Moab. For this reason the crescent moon is one of the only symbols of Islam.

Allah is not a title but a specific NAME, a specific idol. The word for God in Arabic is Elihu, yet this has fallen out of favor. It is rarely used to refer to GOD anymore. Before the rise of Islam in the 7th century, Allah was not the word used to refer to GOD. Allah was used to refer to the idol of the Quraysh tribe before the 7th century C.E.

Each Arabian tribe had a patron Animal or heavenly Zodiac sign, to focus worship towards. Each tribe had a different idol God. Peace did not exist in Arabia until Islam conquered half the globe in 800 c.e.

Before Muhammad, the Arab tribes each worshiped a false idol. Each idol had a heavenly sign. The false idol ALLAH had the heavenly sign the crescent MOON. The Quraysh tribe took their idol worship to half the globe by 800 c.e. by forced conversions.

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