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PRAYERREPORT.COM mission statement

I am honored to agree with you in prayer with our benevolent God.

Taste and see that GOD is good. Psalm 34:8

If you don't believe in God, send a prayer request, give him a chance to prove himself to you.
If you don't think God listens to the petition of Adaam.org... ask GOD for whatever you need and BE UTTERLY FLABBERGASTED.

Be as specific as possible, especially with physical ailments. Try to include the first names of person in need and the first name of their father i.e. John son of Zebedee has lung cancer in his left lung and it has spread to his kidney. This rule should apply to all prayer you ever pray.
BE AWARE, emailing ADAAM permits ADAAM to reply to you whether you ask for a reply or not.

ADAAM does not abide by any confidentiality agreement. Never put any info in an email you wouldn't want read by many strangers. ADAAM ONLY prays to the ONE GOD whom consists of a plural unity of FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT... known in the Bible as GOD/ YHVH/ LORD in English.
All glory and thanks should be credited to that God, and no other, since my God is the ONLY GOD. And your prayer will be answered. But sometimes.. God's answer is NO! There are times I wish God gave me a NO! but he gave me what I asked for.... YIKES! Be careful what you wish for, because you may get what you want! humbleservant316@yahoo.com

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