THE false christ exists TODAY! Prepare your church!

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THE false christ exists TODAY! Prepare your church!
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Or Google these keys words separately and together. These key words will alert you to the false messiah. Maitreya, Benjamin Creme, The Tara Center, The Greatest Sign.

Benjamin Creme travels the world foretelling the good news about his Messiah named Maitreya. Maitreya has a huge following of worshipers, ranging in the millions. Maitreya is a title of the awaited Buddhist messiah. The person in question is a mere man. This Maitreya is a man who claims to be the foretold messiah of every religion. He claims to be the messiah of the Jews, that will bring peace to Israel.

The Orthodox Jews of today only have three stressed requirements of their messiah. The messiah must bring peace to the earth, and the messiah must claim to be a son of David, and lastly the messiah must assist in rebuilding the sacrificial temple. In other words, the messiah does not have to be a Rabbi, or even Orthodox. The messiah must claim to be of Jewish descent only, and ANYONE on earth can claim to be descended of King David. Prince Charles of England has actually appeared on television claiming to be a Son of David.

The Maitreya also claims to be the Mahdi, the final prophet of Islam. Yes, Islam claims that Mohammad was the final prophet, yet the Koran also claims that Jesus and the Mehdi will also appear before the Day of Judgment. see this article please

This Maitreya guy was born in 1944 in Tehran, Iran. He was born a muslim and his birth name is Muhammed. He is just a man that came to the U.S., and went to some transcendental meditation classes. One of his NEW AGE leaders gave Muhamed his spiritual name, Maitreya Emmanuel. This Iranian man is an apostate muslim.

There are many false messiahs on earth at any given time. But this guy actually ALREADY performs the signs that the bible warns the false messiah will perform.

This Maitreya can appear in a different shape to different people, AT THE SAME TIME! He is using demonic powers to appear at one place, as a different person, to different religious leaders. He uses demonic powers to appear in two places at one time, the distances being thousands of miles apart. He has a healing ministry, and whenever he appears people are miraculously healed. He also appears to SPEAK different languages at the same time. For example, this man will preach to an Italian speaking Catholic cardinal and a Hebrew speaking Chief Rabbi of Israel. The cardinal will hear him speak fluent Italian while at the same time, the Rabbi will hear him speak the exact same speech in fluent Hebrew. And the cardinal will see a beardless man dressed as a cardinal while the Rabbi will see a bearded man in a black suit, with a Kippa.

Satan is a master of magic and can appear as anything he wants, where ever he wants. Satan has already given this power to Maitreya. Someone will try to assasinate Maitreya, and Mai will die. At that time Satan will completely possess the body of Maitreya, making it seem like Maitreya resurrected. Satan, in the wounded body of Muhammad, will claim to be God. It is not certain if Muhammad will be alive, or if Satan will be the only spirit inside the former body of Maitreya. It does not matter, Maitreya will claim to have resurrected himself, as God having power over death. That is the false messiah. The Bible says the false christ will be wounded in his right arm and eye. Rev 13:3 and verse 13-15. Maitreya will set up his idol image in the Jew's Temple. Satan will give life to the idol image also, will perform healings, miracles of all sorts, just like the magicians of Pharoah did with Moses.

Satan has healing power, so be very careful that you are not healed by the power of Satan at a healing ministry.

Many Christians will be decieved. Many will not be decieved but will still take the mark of the beast. Christians will choose life as traitors watching Messianic Christians dying as martyrs.

Muhammad has resided in London, in the New Age Buddhist temples, harnessing the magic of Satan. His goal in England is to recruit Prince Charles as a follower. Again, Prince Charles, has claimed on TV, to legit reporters, and in total seriousness, that he is a Son of David. Prince Charles is not a true genetic Son of David, since he is NOT JEWISH!! Anyone can claim to be a Genetic Son of David. But both false messiahs know, the Jews will accept anyone as being the Son of David. The key is that such a person bring peace to Israel and earth, while assisting the building of the sacrificial temple. It is likely that all the kings, the heads of the Beast world government, will all claim to be lineage Sons of David.

Maitreya wants the support of Prince Charles. Prince Charles, although not the richest man in the world, owns much of the european food industry. During the Great Tribulation, the King of England will use his food possessions to control as many nations as possible, including Israel. The legal Head of State for the Commonwealth of Australia is guess who?

The Monarch of Great Britain.

When the U.K. has the food, he will be able to enforce his legal rulership upon his commonwealth with ease. Britain still controls 10 strategic islands throughout the planet, not including Gibraltar (Spain), Diego Garcia (Indian Ocean), New Zealand, Belize (British Honduras), many Carribean Islands and the Falkland Islands.

The Pope and the Catholic Church own the most fisheries in the world, and most of the food in Latin America. No joke, this is the real reason for the fish sign that the Pope wears on his ring. This is the same sign that Christians put on their bumpers on cars, to show that they are horrible Christian drivers.. I guess. This is why Catholics do not eat meat on Friday, but rather they have the tradition of eating fish. The Papacy owned most fisheries of Italy and in order to ensure their financial prosperity, created the eat Fish on Friday tradition. Yes, originally the fish sign was probably a secret symbol that early Christians used, in reference to being "fishers of men".

The Papacy today uses its funds to prepare for the soon to come food war, a war for control of humans.

The Maitreya has a goal of seducing the Pope into becoming his Prophet. This would give Maitreya influence over most of the food and thus, most of the population of the planet.

The Maitreya claims that there is a secret Mother God, just as there is a Father God. Many Catholics wil accept Maitreya as the Messiah since he will claim the Virgin Mary is the Mother God. Mary is not, and never claimed to be God. She was an obedient Jew, nothing more. The many appearances of Virgins Fatima, Virgin Mary and crying Viring statues are created by demons. The Idol that the false prophet creates, and that comes to life and speaks against God, may very well be the idol of the Virgin Mary. The idol will claim to be divine with the support of its worshippers, so the cult of Mary worship could be this future idolatry. It sure is idolatry.

In the Catholic Bible, the JEW Mariam, mother of Jesus is quoted very few times. Please see the link, Mary's saced heart message.

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