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Please understand, and do not consider the Quran to be a work of God.

Have you witnessed Jesus to a Muslim? It is far more persuasive to use both the Quran and Bible to teach Muslims the love of God. This tact does not give credence to the Koran, this is merely a strategy of evangelism.

A Muslim will respect and listen when the Quran is quoted, even if used against Islam doctrine.

Quran doctrine and Clerical Mufti doctrine are not the same.

Please open your Quran to Surah 17:103, 104

The words in parenthesis are not added by myself but are exactly as written in the Quran.

So he (Pharoah) resolved to remove them (Israelites) from the face of the earth. but WE (Allah) drowned him (Pharoah) and all (Egyptians) who were with him.

and WE (Allah) said to the Children of Israel, "Dwell securely in the land of promise" but then the second of the warnings came to pass, we gathered you together in a mingled crowd (in the land of promise). END

To reiterate, the parenthesis are not added by myself. The verse clearly declares the land to be promised to Israelites, and to dwell securely.

There you have it. Allah is quoted in the Koran, as telling the Children of Israel to dwell safely in the land of promise, with non Israelites, in a mixed multitude.

Could "the land of promise" refer to anything other than historical Israel?? No. According to the Koran, the land of Israel as the Bible defines it, is the same in the Koran.

Clearly, no Muslim cleric has ever even claimed that the promised land of the Koran is different than the Bible's promised land.

Allah, in the Koran, put the Children of Israel in the land that was promised to them, again... promised to them by Allah. (the promised land)

Here is another verse that mentions "the second of the warnings"... the same warning from Surah 17:103

Surah 17:7

...If you (Jews) did evil, you did it against yourselves (Jews) So when the second of the warnings came to pass, WE (Allah) permitted your enemies to disfigure your faces, and to enter your Temple (70 C.E. by Romans) as they had entered it before (Nebuchadnezzar 586 B.C.E.), and to visit with destruction on all that fell within their power.

Now there is no debate by the Koran or Hadith (commentary) as to who dwelled in the promised land or what land was referred to, or where the Temple of the Jews existed.

This reference to the Temple is one of the few INDIRECT references to Jerusalem in the Koran.

Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran by name. Yes at the time of Muhammad, Jerusalem had the same name. Muslim scholars like to claim that references to "the Farthest Mosque" refers to Jerusalem. However, Muhammed went on a journey from the Sacred Mosque to the Farthest Mosque in only ONE NIGHT. The sacred Mosque is obviously the Kaaba in Mecca. The Farthest Mosque can only be as far as can be travelled over one night, and one night alone. The Farthest Mosque could be Medina, which is about 8 nights rapid horse travel from Mecca to Medina (300 miles away). The point is... Muhammad knew of a Temple, but did not know the name of the city where the Temple was located. Muhammad did not care enough to mention the Temple city by name.

It is also worth noting, the tradition is that Muhammad travelled by riding on a giant flying animal.

It is also clear that Allah did not order Muslims to do any evil to Jews ever. Allah allowed Jews to reap what they sowed, against themselves. Allah only allowed non Muslims to pillage the Temple as A WARNING to the Jews. "A warning" is not the word that would be used for a holocaust, or cleansing of Jews from their promised land.

It is clear that the Jews were never EVER to be taken from their land. Allah did twice allow NON Muslim multitudes to destroy the Temple, in the land promised to Israel. THE LAND OF PROMISE WAS FOR THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL, EVEN IN THE KORAN. No matter who rules the land of promise, it is still promised to the JEWS. Logic dictates that the majority of the population should be Religious Jews, and the minority should be ethnic Jews who don't practice Judaism.

Take the Saudi tribe of South Arabia. The Saudi tribe ruled a tiny region in the South of the Arabian Peninsula, bordering Yemen. With the help of the British Army, and secret oil development treaties, the Saudi tribe became the ruling tribe of all of Arabia. Hence, you have a government without any historical or legal justification for dominion over land other than a tiny region in the South of Arabia. This kingdom is today the world's largest kingdom in land acres. It is Saudi Arabia.

There is even less justification for the Kingdom of Jordan, whose borders were drawn up by Winston Churchill himself. The movie, Lawrence of Arabia is true to the facts. The Kings of Jordan (the Hashemites) are a line of traditional custodians of the Kaaba in Mecca and are descended from the prophet Muhammad. There is no historical or traditional justification for the Hashemite Kingdom or for the state of Jordan. There is more justification for Hashemite Kings to rule Mecca and the Kaaba than for the Saudi tribe to rule Mecca and the Kaaba!

Jordan and Saudi Arabia exist for no reason other than the military power of GREAT BRITAIN. If not for the U.K., neither Jordan or Syria nor Kuwait, nor Saudi Arabia, nor U.A.E. nor Qatar, ETC. would exist as we know them.

Allah did not create these Muslim tribal regions or kingdom borders. They are very recent concoctions of the Western European Oil Syndicate.

In other words, there is more support in the KORAN by ALLAH himself, for the Promised Land of Israel to be Jewish. than for the existence of any Muslim government, with the one exception of Medina and Mecca.

Allah did not EVER tell any Arab or Muslim to "Dwell safely in the land of promise". Allah did not tell any Muslim or person to take the land of promise from the Jews. Allah does allow the Jewish Temple to be destroyed from time to time, but far far from supporting the cleansing of Jews from the promised land. Allah did not establish any government or kingdom in the promised land other than the Jewish Monarchy system.

Allah created and maintained a perpetual Jewish dwelling and homeland for the Children of Israel. NOT FOR THE CHILDREN OF ISHMAIL!!!


They don't read the Koran, they are too busy listening to murderous power hungry clerics.

This article is not insinuating that Allah is the Elohim of the Bible, since clearly they are NOT the same whatsoever.

See the link, "Is Allah the God of the Bible?"

pray for the protection of this man PLEASE.

This article was written with the valuable assistance of a book by Samy Tanagho "Glad news God loves you my Muslim friend"

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