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Biblically, the blood of Abraham is passed on by the father by default. If the father is not Jewish, the person typically is allowed the choice to reject Judaism or accept Judaism at the age of 12 and at any age of his/her life. So yes, the fact that such a person is AUTOMATICALLY and deliberately offered the "Jewish opportunity", means that the father alone does pass Jewish heritage.

Daughters do inherit their father, because the daughters are fully Jewish. In Rabbinic Judaism of today, the emphasis is placed on having a Jewish religious MOTHER, but only because there can always be doubt as to whom is your father, but never any doubt as to who is your mother. It is sad, and yes this rule insinuates that wives cheat on their husbands.

The fact remains that people with a gentile mother and a Jewish father, are asked by Rabbinic Judaism to go through a conversion process, whenever they want full Israeli Jew status. This process consisting of a circumcision and a bar mitzvah, is NOT OFFERED TO GENTILES. Hence, the process is more of a DEDICATION, CONFIRMATION INTO JUDAISM, and not really a conversion ceremony, when it is applied to a person with a Jewish mother.

In other words, a child of a Jewish father and a gentile mother is not a gentile. Yet such a child must prove loyalty to his people by going through the conversion process, FOR ISRAELI status, but not in order for you and I to be convinced of his Jewishness.

The child of a gentile father and a Jewish mother, is Jewish without question. Religious observance is not essential to earn Israeli status.

More importantly, God is not as stringent as Israeli immigration laws or Orthodox clerics. God created the Jews specifically from the 12 sons of Jacob, the tribal ancestry is passed by the father. Thus, the only requirement to be of any of the 12 tribes of Israel is... have a Jewish father. This is not the same issue as qualifying for Israeli citizenship, which is more stringent than God.

Gentiles are not offered the "Jewish opportunity" at 12 or at any age. Historically, gentiles had to consistently beg and nag a Rabbi to sponsor rare conversions. Proselyzation of gentiles is anathema in Rabbinic Judaism. A gentile can be a convert to Judaism, but will still be known as a convert. Does a convert's blood genes morph into the genes of Abraham and Jacob? NO!

However, the children of 2 converts are considered Jewish, the males are circumcized on the 8th day. The females are treated as full Jews. Both are raised from birth in Torah observance, and that is as Jewish as anyone can get.

But the convert.. CHOSE to be legally bound to Torah.

In New Testament times, converts to Judaism were never called Jews, or Judeans, but were permanently called CONVERTS. The converts were not hung up on being called Jews, but rather greatful God accepted them into the commonwealth of Israel as former gentiles, YET NEVER JEWISH.

Cohen Priests and/or Angels can reveal what clan a Jew pertains to. In the Messianic age, those living in the ancestral borders of a tribe, will automatically become members of that tribe. Example, those living in the classical borders of Judea, are of Judah.

Those living in Jerusalem are of the tribe Benjamin, since Jerusalem was always in the tribal borders of Benjamin.

It isn't difficult to assign tribal ancestry to Israelis today if only the border in which they live is the paradigm used. Actually, tribal membership would be simple, since there is rabbinical agreement as to what area each tribe resided historically.

People with the last name Levi or Cohen or Kagan or Katz or Caan etc. are all Levites. Yes James Caan, the heir to the Godfather is JEWISH! Cohen means Priest in Hebrew. Katz is a shortened form of a title given to Cohen, I have been told by a Rabbi. All people with the last name Katz are Levites. Katz is sort of a code name to identify a Levite. There are other code names I am not aware of.

One interesting note, the tribe of Dan does not appear on the list of tribes which are written in the Book of Revelation, at the numbering of the 144,000. See Revelation chapter 7. So there is just ONE LOST TRIBE of Israel, in this chapter.

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