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NO HE DID NOT declare any unclean animals to be clean!
Breaking the LAWS OF SINAI or changing them are sins. Abrogating Torah (laws of Sinai) is a sin, just like not fullfilling a commandment. Torah in Hebrew literally means, "to hit the target, achieve the goal". Sin is "missing the target, not making the goal" in Hebrew. Jesus was sinless, because he did not break or change a single rule of the Torah. He also could not nullify Torah, since that would be a sin.
He Jesus was full human Jew, of the tribe of Judah.
He could not change Torah, since that would be nullifying a commandment.
He could only offer his original interpretation, reveal and explain the original meaning that he had desired since he Jesus gave the Torah on the Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost) on Sinai.
I did not come to abolish the Torah, but to fill it to the fullest (reveal/explain the original meaning).
In other words, Jesus came to fullfill Torah, to make Torah more applicable, made whole, perfected, filled to the fullest, made COMPLETE.
The verses in the Bible that say "thus he made all foods clean" were added by anti-semitic church fathers. Chrysotom and Justin Martyr, and Origen, and all the Latin Western church fathers, etc. were all anti-semitic. ALL OF THEM.
They added verses to the Latin Vulgate, like "Jesus declared all foods clean". When this verse appears it is in parenthesis. It was added to the original text.
IF Jesus had changed a rule of Torah, like declaring an unclean animal to be clean, then you are not saved. Then no one is saved. Jesus would not be sinless if he had sinned by changing Torah. Jesus was the unblemished perfect sacrifice because he did NOT BREAK TORAH EVER!!

Torah's purpose is to define to humans what sin is. and to define what sinlessness could hypothetically be. Only the Messiah was expected to be sinless. Even today, the members of Chabad, a school of Orthodox Pharisaic Judaism by Menachem Shneerson, claim that the Messiah will perform Torah to perfection.

In all the verses concerning unclean food being eaten, the topic is the pharasaic rules and regulations of unclean and clean food, not the Divine Torah rules.
The Pharisees washed their hands ceremoniously before every meal. If anyone didn't wash before, the kosher food was considered unclean.
Pharisees never ate any pig or any unclean animal. Jesus never ate anything unclean, and if he did, he would not be perfect and you would not be saved by his imperfect blood. The issue in the Gospels is whether one could eat food that the Pharisees rules declared unclean due to ceremonious reasons. Jesus did not add to the Torah, and he did not add ceremonious tradition to the Torah. Jesus declared all KOSHER foods that the Pharisees declared CEREMONIOUSLY unclean, to be clean. All the food in question is kosher. It is the superflous CEREMONIOUS rules of the Pharisees that Jesus ignored. And we can ignore the ceremonious rules and regulations also.
Some examples are.... not eating milk with meat. The Torah does say "do not seethe a kid in its mother's milk". From this verse the Pharisees created the rule "do not eat dairy and meat within certain hours of each other". But no one agrees as to how long one can wait between the 2 foods.
Another example is the washing of hands "Al netayat yadayim". If one does not splash water on their hands, no washing actually occurs, then the food was considered unclean since the consumer was unclean. The idea was, the washing of hands made the Jew clean, thus when the food entered the washed body(hands) the food was not made unclean by entering an unclean human. Jesus declared all foods that were ceremoniously unclean to the PHARISEES, were clean for eating, since all food even remotely considered for food was biblically kosher.

Simon Cephas, apostle Peter did not ever eat any unkosher food in his entire life. He said so himself in Acts. This is hard for gentiles and even some Jews to understand today. Peter was an Orthodox Jew. He lived in a time where 90% of Jews were Orthodox Jews, the minority were not Orthodox were Hellenized excommunicated Jews. The concept of a Jew being Jewish regardless of religion is very modern. Even Reform Judaism is only 200 years old, if that. All sects of Judaism were Orthodox up until the 1800's. All Messianic Jews were Orthodox. All Karaite Jews, those that reject divine inspiration of the Oral Torah, but practice the written Torah, were Orthodox.

Cephas had the average education of a Galilean Jew. He was taught to memorize the Torah, Leviticus first. I'm sure Cephas had all the Tanagh memorized, especially the Torah. All Jewish children were taught the same curriculum until 13. Then a few went to join a school, led by a single Rabbi. Cephas chose to follow a very strange Rabbi. All men requiring a higher education would join a school. There was the school of Hillel, the school of Shama. Each Rabbi taught their disciples how to live as a blessing to God and neighboor. Cephas chose to follow the school of Jesus. Cephas was not an idiot with little education like most Pastors claim. Cephas was accused of being unlearned, only because he did not choose to join a Jerusalem based Pharisee Rabbi, or a Saduceean Rabbi. Cephas and Matthew were considered sinners since they had only the basic education of any Jew, and had not learned the CEREMONIOUS rules and regulations of Pharisees.

My point is.. when Cephas saw the four cornered mantle of animals descend in his vision at Joppa in Acts, God told him to eat. THIS WAS A TEST!!! Peter refused to eat. The passage does not say that Peter ate, but it reaffirms Peter's obedience to God in NOT EATING UNCLEAN ANIMALS!
Peter did not eat anything unclean in his entire life ever!
He thought that would be grave sin, punishable by whippings. HE WAS RIGHT!

"But why does God tell Peter "do not call anything unclean which I have declared cleaned". God never called any of those unkosher animals clean, but Peter also realized God had cleaned some gentiles had been given the Holy Spirit. God had cleansed gentiles, whom were unclean in the eyes of Jews. When a gentile accepted the sacrifice of Jesus as his salvation, the perfect, torah obedient replacement, he ceases to be unclean and is now a clean noahide covenant observer. The incident of Peter vision has been timelined and historically proven to have occured a full 13 years AFTER the cruxificion of Messiah. That means that for at least 13 years, Peter had never even considered the possibility that a gentile could be saved, or could be given the Holy Spirit. So let me ask you this... don't you think if Peter was amazed that Cornelius the gentile could be saved, 13 years AFTER Jesus resurrection, that it was clear reference to Peter's observing Orthodox eating rules?

You have to understand, just as a Jew NEVER ate unclean food, a Jew would NEVER EVER EVER enter the home of a gentile, since that is where abortions, adultery, unkosher food, and all things unclean abided. Jews of Jesus' time did not go into gentile homes, with the exception of guess who? Exactly.
There were whole gentile town that no self respecting Jew ever visited. Jews that lived within a kilometer of a gentile village, never ever visit for as long as they lived. Even the Samritans, whom did eat kosher to this day, were given the silent treatment by Jews. Guess who is the exception?

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