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There is circumstantial evidence that Muhammad was employed by Catholic officials to unite the Arabs tribes into a Death Cult Religion, in order to liberate Jerusalem and Arabia from Jewish and Byzantine influence.

Muhammad was tutored by Catholic high officials throughout his youth.

He married a rich devout Catholic. He had Catholic relatives before this marriage.

He fled to a Catholic Kingdom, Abyssinia, when his life was in danger. He was close friends with the Catholic King and his Catholic officials.

The Quran also states that Mary mother of Jesus was a prophet.

The Quran states that Mary who birthed the Al Masih, Arabic for Messiah also ascended to heaven as also Jesus did, in the Quran.

The Quran states that Isa Jesus the prophet Al Masih will return on the day of Judgement.

The Quran states that the Bible is the message of Allah and should be read.

The death cult conquered Jerusalem and then its generals realized there was no reason to stop conquering Christian land.

The armies of Islam eventually controlled the Iberian Peninsula, and fought as deep into Europe as Tours, France in 732 C.E. In less than 100 years, Islam had conquered half of Western Europe, North Africa, India, the Byzantine Empire, and the Middle East, and Persia. Carol Martel the Hammer, was the only general able to soundly end Muslim expansion. Martel is the grandfather of Charlemagne King of the Franks. Charles Martel stopped the Muslim cavalry in Tours in 732 C.E.

No one soundly defeated the Muslims in Persia so they continued on to India, and then North to Mongolia where they were finally stopped by the Siberian Winter.

India was never completely conquered, so instead of continuing onto Buddhist Indochina, the Muslim army sailed onto Malaysia and Indonesia. The most populous Muslim nation on earth is Indonesia. Indonesia continued belligerent expansion, where they were finally contained by Australia, in Papua New Guinea in the 20th century.

The Muslims of The Phillipines are living up to their historical belligerence, vis a vis The Abu Sayyaf.

Islam is a concocted death cult bent on murderous expansion. Accept reality and truth. Muslims also don't accept the existence of the State of Israel as reality and truth.

Most Muslims do not practice their religion. They think they are Muslim simply because they are born Muslim. They don't intend on going to Mecca Hajj ever. They hardly go to Mosque. Like most Catholics in America, they defend Catholicism yet don't adhere to their own rules.

The notion of Al Qaeda and Hizballah, Muslim Brotherhood and Abu Sayyaf being fringe sects of Islam is assinine. All Muslim terrorist groups are simply put, obedient to a Koranic interpretation. The great majority (90%)of Muslims don't take their own religion seriously. They are not obedient Muslims. Thank God. But one day, quasi Muslims will start to take their religion seriously, and hopefully they won't have nuclear weapons. Even if Iran does not give it's nuclear weapons to terrorists, it will give nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sudan, Algeria, Yemen, Egypt, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela. Iran seeks to replace the Hegemony of the world, the USA, with ITSELF.

The Byzantine Empire ruled from Greece to Egypt to as far South East as modern day Jordan.

This Byzantine Empire in NO WAY hampered Muhammad's war goals. The true enemy of Muhammad's army were other Arabian merchant tribes and powerful Jews. It is common knowledge Muhammad killed Jewish merchants as scapegoats to rally animist Arabs to his army.

The Prophet Muhammad was an adopted member of the Quraysh tribe, who had traditional rulership of Mecca. Muhammad was born of the Hashemite Tribe of Mecca, the same family that rules Jordan today. He was an orphan who was adopted by the Quraysh tribe of bedouins, many of whom were CATHOLIC! There was a minority presence of Catholic Arabs due to Pope Augustin's efforts to evangelize Arabs. Pope Augustin was born in present day Algeria and was Bishop of Algeria before becoming Pope. His heart was to make all those of Africa and Arabia into Catholics. The kingdom of Abyssinia was totally Catholic, with a Catholic king. Muhammed actually fled to and was protected by the king of Abyssinia during his early Islamic Ministry.

There were large Jewish communities in Mecca and Medina in the time of Muhammad. Well... until Muhammad the Prophet decided to kill every last Jew of those cities.

This is the reason that the Byzantine Empire did not squash Muhammad's army when it had the chance. Byzantium leaders did NOT want to stop Arabs from killing Jews and Catholic Arabs. Byzantium wanted Catholic Arabs to die. The result of Eastern Christian apathy for genocide is obvious. Of course.. the term Catholic is an anacronism, but I use it to refer to the Roman Universal Priesthood founded by Emperor Constantine in 331 AD.

Catholic means Universal.

The idea being... wherever you go on Earth, you can attend the same Roman Mass being performed by Roman priests, as approved by priests in Rome, for that week.

The Catholic Church was in constant strife against the Eastern Byzantine Church. Even Christmas is celebrated on a different day. Even New Year's Day is different, even their year calendars are slightly different.

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