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Ever since the rebuilding of the Second Temple, called Herod's Temple, there have been many sects of Judaism. But all denominations THEN, were very strict in observance of the "Law of Moses". It can be said with certainty that all religious Jews in Jesus' time were Orthodox Jews.

If a Jew was not religious as we understand it, such a one was an apostate Jew, cut off from the camp of Israel. There was no middle ground whatsoever. The reform movement is a new middle ground today, but the reform movement started in Germany only about 250 years ago.

It is logical for Jews that believe in Jesus, to comprehend New Testament passages. I have realized, this is the case only if Jews are familiar with Jewish religion. Most Jews on earth practice very little Judaism, only a few times a year. The few times a year refer to celebrating Passover, Yom Kippur, and several Bar Mitzvahs. Only 20% of Jews are actually Orthodox Jewish.

Orthodoxy is mainstream Judaism and has always been so. The closest modern sect to 1st century Jewish lifestyle is Orthodoxy. Orthodox Jewish books are very helpful in understanding the Bible, even the New Testament.
The reform movement of Jews is basically the liberal left lifestyle. It has only existed for 250 years.
The reform movement teachings are not helpful in understanding the Old or New Testament at all. However, Reform Rabbis do stress respecting all humans equally. But the reform movement does not stress respecting their own God or his instructions.

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